Health Care Myths - The Same Day Appointment

A day or two ago, I was surfing Zen Yenta's World when I came across a wholly foreign concept. Ms. Yenta mentioned that she hadn't been feeling well and went to the doctor. "Do you mean," I replied, wonder in my voice, "...on the same day? Is that even possible?"

Out here in the Sodom by the Sea, the same day appointment is like winning the lottery. In other words, it doesn't happen to real people. At my GP, nurses and administrators screen everyone who calls to determine whether or not your complaint is life threatening. If not, you get an appointment one to five days in the future which guarantees that either: 1) You'll be over it or 2) You're dead. Either way, they don't have to treat you. And the response if you happen to disagree with their 20 second diagnosis? "Well then go to the emergency room." Which is just another way of saying, "If you don't mind paying for it out of pocket, you can get all the health care you need."

Consequently, I've found that the only way to get timely access to care is to game the system. Go without an appointment and sit in your doctor's lobby until they see you. Coughing a lot, sneezing-- in short making a germ spreading ruckus--seems to speed things along.

How are things where you incubate?

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