If You Can't Beat 'Em, Cheat 'Em

I'm late to this party, but the Culture Ghost had a blurb about Republican efforts to rig the next presidential election, and it's just too important to pass up.

This brilliant piece of subterfuge comes in the form of a California ballot initiative that would ditch our 'winner-take-all' system in favor of splitting our electors roughly in line with the popular vote. Proposed by Thomas Hiltachk, a Sacramento lawyer with deep ties to the GOP, this measure would basically give Republicans the presidency in 2008 by stripping as many as 20 electors from the Democrats, and if you think that Hiltachk isn't getting his orders from the RNC or Karl Rove, think again.

But to get this passed in California, Hiltachk and his supporters will have to tell three BIG LIES. These are:

This System Would Be More Fair - Almost certainly true, but only if it's implemented all over the country, all at once! As it stands, it does nothing more than tilt the electoral college further toward the GOP.

This System Is Better For California - The argument being that candidates will spend more time campaigning in California. But moving our primary up will accomplish the same thing without rigging the election's outcome.

This Isn't Any Different Than the 'Popular Vote Movement' - The biggest lie of all because the popular vote movement has a built in fail safe--it doesn't go into effect unless 19 states carrying the balance of the electors all agree to join. This measure does exactly the opposite. Without being rolled out nation wide, it fixes the election's outcome, probably for a generation.

With such bad prospects for 2008, Republicans have apparently decided, "If you can't beat 'em, cheat 'em!"

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