Finally! The Eternal Question Answered...

What would Jesus do?

You can all thank Mama Kvatch for this one.

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Presidential Kwotes


Whatever It Takes

Impersonating a law enforcement officer is illegal everywhere and is usually a pretty serious offense. So when you find someone doing it, my guess is that it's often for monetary gain, and there is no question in the perp's mind that it's illegal. Not so Jay Garrity, the controversial ex-aide to Mitt Romney who apparently created bogus law enforcement badges so that he and other Romney staffers could intimidate reporters, avoid tolls, and gain early access to campaign venues.

So why does this seem so god-damned offensive? Perhaps because it's symptomatic of laissez faire attitude toward law that has a huge proponent in the current administration. I mean, why shouldn't Romney's staffers do what it takes to gain advantage over the other GOP hopefuls? They're not hurting anybody...not really. So what does it matter if they break a few laws in the process? Bush and his administration do it...all the time. Hell, in the name of national security, Bush has taken to creating law by executive fiat.

Of course, for those of us on the other side, this looks like imperial arrogance. "You want documents on how we politicized the Justice Department? F*ck you! We're the GOP and we do what we want." "Filibusters? F*ck you! We're the GOP, and we'll use any tactic that furthers our goals even ones we threatened to take away from you." "Impersonating an officer? Well...f*ck you! We do what we must to get our man elected. We're serving the greater good here."

Conservatives often argue that things are different now--that sometimes we need to go to extremes to protect our country. Well, I don't know about protecting the country, but on the former point I have to agree. Things certainly are different now. We know this because ordinary people have internalized the "whatever it takes" attitude. They're learning the lesson that Bu$hCo is teaching.

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As The Tinfoil Hat Spins...

...for when you average garden-variety conspiracy theory just won't do.

A new executive order effectively gives George Bush the dictatorial power to seize the assets of anyone who opposes his administration's policies on Iraq. Now that by itself is pretty scary stuff, but never let it be said that your author doesn't know a good conspiracy theory when he stumbles across one.

Read these headlines and see if, in light of Bu$hCo's latest power grab, you don't agree:

Pentagon seeks $1.2B for armored vehicle

Obama, Clinton Have $30 Million-Plus

Pentagon Aide Says Clinton Helps Enemy

What did I tell you.

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