For Every iPhone Sold A Tree Dies

In case you were wondering if the newest gadget from Apple is truly the king of the mobile marketplace, yours truly is not your oracle. Being a poor T-Mobile customer, I don't get to have one of Apple's new iCellPodPad's. But Ars Technica turns Blognonymous on to the fact that, when it comes to consuming natural resources, the iPhone reigns supreme (with AT&T's help).

I know when I get my T-Mobile bill, I'm comforted by the fact that they list every call. Do I want to know who tried to market a subprime loan to me at 6:30 pm last night? Well T-Mobile knows that their number was blocked and tells me so, right on my bill! Likewise AT&T, who not only wants you to know who you called, but what web-site you tried to surf at 300 baud--all of them!

Consequently, an iPhone bill takes the prize at a whopping 50+ pages of double-sided nonsense. Wondering where all that money you're paying AT&T for your iPhone plan is going? I'd say that printing, paper, and postage are pretty safe bets. Hell, the bill itself probably weighs more than your phone!

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