New Year's Resolution...

...do not have unprotected intercourse with this man!

Roll of the incautious:
  • Spain's Conservatives - Gone April, 2004

  • Silvio Berlusconi (Italy) - Defeated June, 2005

  • Bush's Pooch, Tony Blair - Stepped aside, May 2007

  • Australias's Liberals - F*cked the big dog, Nov. 2007
    (John Howard, the PM, couldn't even hold his own seat)
And most tragically:
  • Former Pakistani PM, Benazir Bhutto - Assassinated, Dec. 2007
Apparently 'regime change' begins with Bush.

(Thanks to the New Yorker for the inspiration.)

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It's alive. ALIVE!

I meant you, you crazy amphibian. We already know that Bush is the very embodiment of life-affirming zest!
Blimey, i thought my google reader was playing up at first but you really haven't fallen off the planet.
Bush in a condom is very fitting considering the guy is such a big pr*ck. Anyway, all the best for 2008.
This, perhaps, explains why no Republican candidate has sought out Bush's endorsement.

Welcome back, and don't go away again!
Randal... "life-affirming zest"! What a wonderful description! LOL and Happy New Year!

Lucyp... Not off the planet just out o' the Blogsphere. I've sort of reached the "...said it all, what's left to say?" phase. I'm thinking of starting a new blog with a different theme. We'll see in the new year.

Lew... No promises, but I'm trying to find an angle that will let me continue. Happy New Year man!
I don't know how someone with such an odd take on the world could run out of things to say. Except it does get difficult to laugh at it all at times. Happy New year froggy.
Unprotected Democracy can lead to some really bad shit. No doubt there was no condom over florida in 2000.
So good to see you....Have a very Happy New Year...
Happy New Year, my friend.
Bienvenue back from hiatus, Kvatch. Happy New Year!
Cartledge, SA, E4E, Diva, and Mr_Blog...thanks so much for the New Year's wishes.
Looky, looky. Good to hear from ya! Do let us know if you plan to begin again.
The infamous, You're either with us or against us, seems it needs to be changed to, If you're with us, watch your ass.
Ribbit which is is froggy for Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! Nice to have you back.
Happy New Year, Froggy!
Happy and healthy New Year to you dear Froggie and the Froggette!

.... when it comes to having sex with Republicans, as a female, I am almost always NOT their type.

.... but as for having unprotected sex with THAT particular GOP asshat, it is kinda difficult to avoid since he's been screwing us all unbashedly since 2001.
Apparently 'regime change' begins with Bush.

Is funny how that happens to his "friends", but we don't get to share their countries' joy. {sigh}

HNY to you and your Lady Frog, Kvatch!
Happy New Year, my friend!
Nice to see you back here, Froggie! Happy New Year!

Unprotected sex with Bush?!!?

Yikes!! Sloppy seconds after Barney has been there? No Way!
Mr. President

Musharraf has sacked 60 Supreme Court and High Court judges in Pakistan many of whom are under house arrest, prevented from speaking in public. He has done this in violation of the constitution in order to prevent the judiciary from rendering a decision on his eligibility as a candidate. Mr. President, can you get away with sacking Supreme Court and other senior judges in the United States, I am sure not. Then why are you supporting Musharraf?

If eligible, Musharraf should have presented himself as a candidate for President to the new parliament after the general elections. But fearing a new parliament may not be friendly to him, he has manipulated a vote from the outgoing parliament in violation of the constitution. Mr. President, can you get away with such constitution violations in the United States, I am sure not. Then why are you supporting Musharraf?

In a recent public opinion survey in Pakistan 70% of the people said they do not want Musharraf to continue after an eight-year rule. According to a recent Gallup Poll, more than 50% of Pakistanis think that their Government has something to do with Benazir Bhutto’s assassination. Mr. President, then why are you supporting Musharraf?

Over the last eight years Musharraf has played a double game to make himself indispensable to Washington. On the one hand he has acted against the Taliban and on the other he has molly coddled religious extremists. The arming of the Red Mosque in Islamabad and later an attack on it was part of this game plan, just to show Washington what can happen if he is no longer in charge. This dangerous game has resulted in spread of religious extremism in Pakistan. So much so that most of the Frontier Province and parts of Baluchistan Province are now ungovernable and in the hands of extremists. This double game has caused enormous security problems in Pakistan. While intelligence agencies are busy propping up his regime, suicide bombers roam freely. Mr. President, can you get away with such behavior in the U.S., I am sure not. Then why are you supporting Musharraf?

The people of Pakistan long for democracy. They want free and fair elections, which are not possible under Musharraf’s authoritarian regime. They know that leaders they elect now may not be ideal, but they want the electoral process to work so corrupt and incompetent politicians are ultimately cast aside and new leadership emerges. Mr. President, you preach democracy for Iraq and other countries, then why are you supporting Musharraf’s authoritarian regime and preventing the democratic process to work in Pakistan.

Mr. President, please stop interfering in Pakistan’s internal affairs and let the democratic process go forward. It is a fallacy that an elected government will not curb extremists. Quite the opposite is true. A fairly elected government will be empowered to deal with extremists far more effectively than a tired dictator. People of Pakistan are fed up of extremism. They want to get on with their lives and build a future for their children.
I just saw the post about you completely quitting. Glad you decided not to totally go away. I am getting my job figured out to where I actually have time to read again.

When I read that post, I did get the image of Forrest Gump just deciding to stop running.

A bush condom should only be used for anal sex since he has been f*cking so many people in the arse

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