The Most Boring Election In San Francisco History...


just wanted to say I like Joe Pags-listen all the time when I can
Gavin is the Mitt Romney of the liberal west.
The funny thing about the Mayor's competition is the lack thereof. I mean, really, ChickenJohn, some naked activist who's only position was that GG Park should be clothing optional...and the lack of viable candidates list was longer than those two.

Apathy, they name is San Francisco.
windspike you are soooo funny....hmm, so where is the Kvatch ? well, little frog friend...you can come blog at the Enigma Cafe or Watergate Summer , anytime..
So San Francisco is running its own show while the country is talking about Presidential debates and elections?
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
Okay frogboy, where are ya? I just got back on line to find everybody gone?
ahhhh Lew I don't know here he is I hope he comes back by Christmas....sigh...I miss the little frog Friend....
Wherever you are froggy you and Ms Frog have a great Christmas. Catch up sometime. Take care.
Did you go on vacation Froggy?

Hey frog and frogette...

Just wanted to wish you a Joyous Holiday Season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

God Bless.
Merry & Happy, Frogster!!!

Hope your Season is progressing wonderfully and you're finding time to laze and chill.

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