Blognonymous - 100,000 Served

Yesterday at about 1:30p PDT, Blognonymous received its 100,000 visitor. Our anonymous reader from Hampshire in the United Kingdom surfed in from a Google search on "Uncle Fester", a fairly common traffic generator for this humble blog that typically points to this post.

So thank you readers, Google, and Uncle Fester. We couldn't have done it without you!



Congratulations, sir!
Well done, Kvatch!
Way to go!! I just hit 100,000 the other day on my Buddhist blog.

Keep it up!!
Oh that is great and the imagery is so rich!

Thanks Kvatch!
See, now if you'd gone into retirement you'd have missed out on this achievement, though my only hope of catching up is for you to retire. I don't want to catch up.
I hear that "Uncle Fester" means something completely different in Hampshire.

Poor Ratzie, I used to get many search referrals for "vampire pope".
amny congrats....to you and Uncle Fester..
Nice! Can I be number one billion? Let me know when you are close so I can time it ;)
haha-congrats Kvatch and hope there's many more
A belated, though heartily felt, Congratulations!!!

100,000 is nothing to sneeze at, unless your allergic to monkeys, of course.
Mazel Tov!
Congratulations! That's a huge milestone!
what happens after 100K hits? You are one up on me...I just crossed over the 50K page views line a couple weeks back.

Blog on friend.
Congrats. My 20,000th visitor was looking for naked boys I believe.

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