When You Think Doughnuts, Think Voodoo

Back from a week's vacation in Oregon.
Pictures will go up on my personal site.
Email me if you're interested in a peek.

Still dreaming of doughnuts in Portland.
And where does one find that most AWE-
of pastries? Why Voodoo, of course!


tag! your it. tell us 7 things we don't know about you.
Donuts. Is there anything they can't do? Keep Greg Oden healthy, apparently.
Kvatch, George stopped everything while you were on vacation!

Now, perhaps, the nuking of Iran will start accompanied by your inimitable commentary.

Hope you're up for it! Cheers.
I love the fact that they will marry you over donuts! Do you think they make "low carb" ones?
Humor me I am so tired... where do I find your email on this blog so I can see the photos???
See I am so tired I didn't even say-WELCOME BACK!
Bloody donuts? You are a scary frog sometimes. Welcome back.
Liberality... I'm sorry, but I did this meme earlier in the summer. How about if I just link to that post?

Randal... I don't get them too often these days, but the craving for doughnuts is like the craving for White Castle, when you get one...

Daniel... I'll bet Bush is getting pretty tired. Being a megalomaniac all the time sure does take it out of you.
Fashiongirl... A "lo-carb" doughnut? Isn't that sort of like "lite beer"?

FranIAm... My email is available on my profile, which is linked off my picture at the top of the blog. But here it is as well:

kvkopf AT GeeMale DOT com

Cartledge... Thanks.
mmmm... doughnuts...


And it's Lunchtime, too! Glad ya had a blast in the Big O, Frogster.
I totally want to check this place out. I saw it on Anthony Bourdain's show.
White Castle! Terribly delicious pseudo-burgers. Yum!
I was at Voodoo Donuts about two weeks ago. I had the Maple Bar with Bacon. MMmmmm, bacon!!! My daughter is at PSU, and I was in town for the evening. She took me to the donut shop, and it was great... once in there, I realized I had been in there once a couple years ago in a drunken state after a Guided By Voices show in the nearby Berbati's Pan!

How do you like Oregon? You really should move up here, you know! 8-)>

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