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kvatch, you're one of the crew who wants to see "other people" pay more taxes while you pay less. Sorry, that won't happen.

Meanwhile, if you want to pay less taxes, then stop encouraging spending. To what level do you think taxes would rise to fund universal government healthcare?

If you want to start the ball rolling, why not urge lawmakers to end the mortgage-interest tax deduction?

That's a huge and useless drain on revenue that benefits people in proportion to their tax rates. Thus, those in the lowest tax brackets receive the least benefit from it.

Its chief beneficiaries are higher-income people hit with the highest tax rates.

You should also support the reduction of corporate tax rates. If the corporate tax rate were 0 percent, the concept of depreciation would lose its meaning. In that scenario, companies -- large and small -- would operate on the basis of real economic opportunity rather than tax advantages, which now drive a considerable amount of decision making -- depending on the industry.

You should also support the end of minimum wage. Its existence is a job killer. There are virtually no gas-station attendants in the US today because it's cheaper to operate a self-service gas station with electronic customer-operated payment systems than it is to pay a kid to pump gas, clean the windows and check the oil.

Voters should acknowledge the facts about public-school education. There are some portions of education that our public schools handle reasonably well. But there are aspects of education at which the government fails in a massive way. Thus, parents should demand school vouchers. The public school system should face true competition. Everyone would benefit.

Government should get out of the housing game. Or at least vastly reduce its role. The government presence skews the market and always leads to inadequate supplies.

You should also encourage the government to import tax payers. That would result from expanding quotas for technical people under the H1B visa program. Coupled with low corporate tax rates, we'd see more businesses popping up and an increase in the "good jobs" politicians now fantasize about.

Low taxes would also encourage more foreign manufacturers to operate here if they weren't threatened by unionization. You can bet that more and more car manufacturing at Ford, GM and Chrysler will occur outside the US due to union power over domestic production.

You should seek to end the subsidies for corn and end tariffs on imported ethanol. Both cost tax-payers money and deliver no benefits to them.

You should seek the repeal of drug-crime laws. There's no evidence they've done any good. But vast quantities of tax-payers' funds have gone down the rat-hole to enforce them.

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