October 24th - Where in the 'sphere is Kvatch today?

After all the kind words, and many many offers to guest post, I've relented and decided to go the route of the 'journeyman blogger'. So in the coming months you'll see my stuff spread around the blogsphere, but I'll always have a link here.

And where is Kvatch today? Blogging about that ass-wipe Glenn Beck at The Unruly Mob.


An honor.

I too hope one day to retire to elite status of journeyman blogger. It's so the way to go.
That standing invitation to post at IIRTZ is still...um...standing.
I knew this had the foetid stench of a publicity stunt. :) As long as you're posting somewhere, sir.
Okay, my little green friend, consider this a standing invitation to write at my place anytime you like.
GREAT! Great to see you and what a great post!!

See what a little bit of arm twisting will do to a frog? Good.
YES! And ditto what Robert said! =)
and it only took damn near 70 comments ;)
Yeah Fred...Randal. What kind of a wuss am I? Manage to keep the commitment for a whole 10 days before I need to blog again.

Gonna have to put up my Blogger's Anonymous post again.
Ladies first...i too politely ask that littel loved frog to consider coming over and posting at the Watergate Summer.....we' ll be nice i promise...

so good to see you hoping about....
sorry...it is HOPPING about...
feel free to guest post at the sirens chronicles too- my email is in my profile at my place :)
I'm in SoCal. This happens every year. We don't need Bush. Bush needs us.

Remember when his Dad sent Dan Quayle to the 1989 Earthquake?
Kvatchie, can I humbly ask for a contribution some time? I started out my blog in the hopes of gatering a few bloggers to write about politics ETC. Of course, who wants to contribute to an unknown?? Anyhow, I am in the process of asking several blogger buds to contribute on a regular basis (regularity to be determined). If you would like to join, pls email. I am aiming for the new year. That, and aiming for a new blog format.
If you are 'sorta' interested or want to know more when the time comes, let me know that too and I will keep you posted.
well so much for you trying to kall it kwits hm??

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