Kvatch Kalls It Kwits

Or... "The hardest post I'll every write."

Blogging is something you start to give voice to your thoughts. You develop a style, a shtick, a readership, and if you're lucky like me fall in with a great circle of like-minded people. But make no mistake, blogging is an addiction and one that is harder to break than you might think.

This last week, I've found that my heart just isn't in it anymore. So I think that it's time to head for rehab, time to pull the plug--ironic considering that we're heading into a season that will be just packed with blog fodder. But...before I go, I want to thank all of you who've read, commented, contributed, or trolled this little piece of web real estate. You've sustained me in hard times.

[kvatch, kvatch]


Aww, Froggie, will miss you.

I know you've taken a few vacations lately - you put so much effort and "you" into your blog, I'm not faulting you for leaving, but you will be hugely missed.

My heart says I hope to see you again. My head says that you need to do what is best for your amphibian self, and family.

Be well, Friend.
Well, darn it.

You have to do what is best but I'll miss you.

You might drop in once in a while to say howdy.

Is America Burning
I know how you feel. My posting has been pretty sporadic as well.

Are you taking this site down?
Ha ha! Thats a good one! You are quitting... oh, wait, seriously?

I know how you feel. With my new schedule I feel like I'm right on the verge myself.

Anyway, no hard feelings if you change your mind. We will be here... at least for now.
Why is it the blogs i like are packing up while the ones that hang about like a bad smell never seem to run out of stupid thigs to say?
All the best Kvatch in whatever you do.
I know how you feel, I also think we haven't seen the last of you (I hope).
I wish I had know last week when I saw you. As lucyp pointed out, all the good ones are leaving.

Sniff, sniff.
Farewell, Froggie. I'm sure we'll see you in one way or another before too long. Remember, Les Enrages has a fantastic emeritus program. You're the best, man. I'll miss you.
Sorry to hear you're turning in your keyboard, Froggie. I'll miss your wit and insight, but understand your reasons for going into rehab. I hope you'll drop by from time to time and offer a bit of wisdom.

Good luck.
and to think this is the first day I've visited your blog! Was it something I said?

But seriously, I know so many bloggers (myself included) who reach the point where you are now. Take the time away. It'll do you a world of good. You can always come back.

We'll miss you, young frog. Though here's hoping we see a re-branded Kvatch in the not too distant future.
What they said; and, I've enjoyed reading you. Stop by my place and leave a pithy comment now and again; and, if you start up again, let me know.

All my best,


Will you still visit other sites and comment from time to time?

I know what you mean about it being an addiction. I am trying to cut down to a post or two per week, with little luck.

I am also trying to blog about things other than politics, because I'm getting burned out a bit on the political scene. It's good blogfodder for sure, but sometimes it's tough to say anything that hasn't already been said hundreds of times either by oneself or by others. Your site has been "funner" than most because it tends to be "creativer" than most.

Ya done a good job, sir. Hope you aren't really calling it quits, but if you are, I understand. It's been great!
I'll bet you that you'll be back in a matter of weeks, Kvatch!

I seriously tried closing my blog down once but I only lasted a week. A dreadful emptiness starts to get at you, the feeling that you are no longer part of the world, that you can no longer make a positive difference to the world no matter how small..., it all starts to build.

P.S. Kvatch, I think about closing my blog down every second day. But I accept that I need to write, to speak out, to count! I'm sure that we are not dissimilar!

Good luck whatever you do. You are a good man.
Oh no. I will miss you my friend. I understand though. I quit once. Dumped the whole thing. Thankfully my good buddy Commandante Agi saved my site from spammers. He knew I'd return I guess and relinquished control back to me after I decided to return. Of course I had to re-build the archives.

Anyway, a word from experience- keep control of the site at least. AND I HOPE YOU COME BACK EVENTUALLY! You're a good man er, frog. :)
Goodnight froggy, and thanks for all the fish
Oh my. Wow. Well maybe you will come back?

You are welcome to guest blog on FranIam should you ever have the urge to throw a post out there. You know how to reach me.

Our time together has been short, but I will miss your great blog with its insights and snark.

Really good stuff here.

Be well and don't be a stranger.
Boy will you be missed. But I understand. It's hard to keep up. I've been MIA a lot myself.

Please come find us if you decide to give in another whirl.
I enjoyed your writing, Kvatch. I wish you luck and sweet R&R, and would be pleased to stumble upon your return one day.
Good luck in all your future endeavors, Kvatch.
This last week, I've found that my heart just isn't in it anymore. "

(Extreme sarcasm added):
Now there's something you don't see very often: Blogger Burn Out. (Sarcasm off)
You aren't supposed to be doing this for your heart, head, or any other part of you. You are supposed to be doing this because you love your country and swamps that frogs grow up in. And if that doesn't work, try this:
I'm an Iraqi Veteran. This last week, I've found that my heart just isn't in it anymore. "

You take a week off, even a couple weeks, then you get your four legged green ass back here. And that's an order, you Chirp!

Borrow a few posts from my archives until you get your legs back. Tell everybody you're temporarily mentally challenged. My posts can make believers.

This isn't an attempted guilt trip, although it turned out to be a half assed decent one, but I have to tell you: If, after all the time you've been blogging, you've made the last Great Green Post, then there's not a hell of a lot of use in the rest of us going on. We all burn at one time or another.
no,noooo! now I can never again see a big-eyed little green frog without thinking of you.

Kvatch, your blog was always an oasis of intellectual stimulation combined with rare biting wit. I'm so sorry to see you hopping away now, but wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

what does the frog say (sob, sob)
Another good guy bites the dust? I don't think so.

Take a few deep breaths or go outside and scream a few times, write a letter to Dick Cheney telling him what a swine he is, and you'll feel better. At least it always works for me...except for the Cheney thing, that is. I wouldn't waste a stamp on that toad.

Come back, Kvatch!

{sighhhhhhhhhh} Guess teh bloggin' for you is like teh "smokin" for me. A little bit don't get it. All or nothin'. No "here an' there", rather "all the time, an' everywhere".

Hope you throws us some surplus thought-tadpoles e'ry now an' then, frogmigo. At least enough to let us know yer still hoppin' 'round the pond, eh.
Oops! I really Need To point out that 'twas "all the time, an'...". It's been the Nada. Nothin'. Nowhen, for me for 5 months, now. Gotta do what we gotta do, eh. Whe're ampibian or human, our brains can only take so much "expanding" 'fore they're stretched too thin for understandin'.

Rehab Frogster!!! 'Least this blog ain't burnt yer cellulars beyond repair, eh!!! I look forward to hearin'/readin' from you somewhen on down the line.
If blogging is an addiction, it doesn't matter whether or not your heart is in it. If you are truly addicted to blogging, your chances for a permanent recovery are roughly 10%. And that's if, you seek help during the recovery process.

Good luck.
You bloody bastard. It's been great reading your stuff. All the best to you, sir. And just wait, once all us stupid humans kill each other off, you amphibians can be the new rulers of the planet!
You'll be back...
C'mon... just call it "a break"

Eventually something will stick in your craw and You'll miss it!
Aw, man, not another one?? I hope you'll be back.

I agree with what LucyP said. A lot of the regular bloggers I've been visiting seem to be either calling it quits or posting less frequently. And yet all those rightwing knuckledragging blogs are still here and multiplying.

Since you've done a post practically every day, I can see how you might burn out. I post less often, and if I'm not into it I'll either just not post or do a non-political or humorous post instead.

Good luck with everything and I hope you'll be back.
no froggie - tell me it's not so...here's one to you coming back eventually! hugs - take very good care of yourself
Don't give up, Kvatch! I hope you'll be back - just post less often if the mood isn't striking, as Tom H. said...like many people who have commented, it seems as if a lot of bloggers are quitting lately. You would be greatly missed.
I know how you feel. Like others have said, I consider shutting mine down every other day, as well. However, for the time being, I'm hanging in there and posting about a smattering of topics. I hope you'll reconsider, and just take a break. We need you!

If not, I wish you the very best, my friend. Don't be a stranger.
I know that I don't get here NEARLY as much as I should...In fact, TUA sent me just now. All that aside, I know how much I have admired and respected your blog in the past.

As others have done, I'd like to encourage you to reconsider your decision. We need one another, and our progressive online community needs you.
Good luck frog. You have been an inspiration to me and I'm sure many others. So sorry to see you exiting the blogosphere.

Please leave the site up and I will move you to in hiatus on my links.

Hopefully you will decide to come back and put your voice back out in defense of our country once again with your sublime wit and humor.

Take care and ...

God Bless.
Cheers Kvatch
WTF? Well, let me know if you ever want to guest blog.
Oh crap.
I'm with Crackpot.
Can't you just take a wee lil break?
Well, I guess I just have to accept it... sigh ... I don't wanna... but I see you're serious.
So, I'll relunctantly bid you farewell froggie. I've made you a part of my life for 2 years now.
I'll dearly miss you, your wry wit, and your amphibious ability to make me smile and think.
.... sob.... sniff.... sob....
You have many adoring fans. And quite understandably so. I for one have already posted my thoughts but once more will wish you well.

If you don't want this, as I said, that guest seat at FranIam is always open for you Kvatch!
This post has been removed by the author.
My GOTT, das ist ja totally KWATCH!


well, seriously, TUO is totally right. Blogging burnout happens to the best of us and you are entitled to some great recuping.
Enjoy, relax and don't feel guilty!

"saluting herr Kommandant"!

oh Kvatch I will miss you so much...more than you could ever know...I don't always comment but I come here so much...and now you are going...please do still come visit us time to time..and let us know you are okay...or maybe just take a break for a litle while and I am begging you please don't Delete your blog- when people do that it is like seeing a favorite book burned....oh kvatch....I am so sad...You have been there since Day One...for me..you are one of my favs...if I was Dorothy you are indeed my ScareCrow....my favorite..

I wish you the very best...namaste...
Hope you just take a brief break and return as we need your voice.
Even though I have already wished you the best I found this and just had to leave it here for your enjoyment.

I'm leaving this on most of the sites I link to so when you see this you might think of what I have been saying for a long time now. Enjoy.

Here's the reason the Democrats won't impeach Der Fuhrer Bush or the Dark Lord Dick {Heinrich Himmler} Cheney.

Watch this short YouTube of Ralph Nader explaining why.

No Impeachment.

We really don't have an opposition party.

God Bless.
kvatch- take a break and rethink what you want to post. i know what you mean about your heart not being in the politics- i haven't read the news in 2 weeks. take a look at what we can influence- change the focus of the posts- but don't quit altogether. every voice that goes away is a victory for the fascist police state we are seeing take over. we have to support each other and take some breaks in shifts- but we can't silence our voices. my mom said to me- as long as one person is out there talking about the constitution- it will live on. we have to save our planet- we have to scream at the tops of our lungs- and we have to make change. please come back.
okay Kvatch I did blog on you, kind of like when you wrote the eulogy and I came back later.....and I am so selfish..I do hope you just take a break and come back when you want..or even just visit when you want...

I understand your frustration, it happens with all of us. But, please, don't shut down your blog. If you want to take a hiatus, do that. This way, when you feel you have the strength or the will to do this again, you can come back.

We need people like you to get the word out. I find more information on the smaller blogs than I do on the large blogs like AmericaBlog or Think Progress. Those are all great, but they don't always put as much information in their posts.

Please think about leaving the blog up...don't delete it. OK?

Just as an afterthought, if you like, you could come and guestpost on my blog (I'm sure other blogs would offer you the same thing), that way you can do it when you feel like it...no pressure to do it all on your own. Just come to my blog and let me know if you're interested in this, or e-mail me. My e-mail address is on my blog.

Good luck -- I'll look for your avatar on other sites. Lurking is almost as satisfying as having to write a blog. There will even be days when you'll say to yourself, "I would like to write about that too." And, you can, by posting a comment on what you just read from others. Take care, and thanks for your insights.
Just take a fall break. Hop around on lily pads and chill for a while.

Then damn it, get your froggy butt back in the pond. Blog pond is your home away from home.

Enjoy whatever you do, that's the most important thing.
Don't quit.
you tell it like it is. two years and change of blogging... i have to respect that. i'm already considering throwing in the towel too. i just don't have time, and my head can take a rehab after half a year of this isht. anyways, it's been a pleasure, bro. you always had intelligent, mind-provoking, and educational posts. i can't say the same for me, but your blog served its purpose for me.

thanks and all the best.

stop by and visit sometime dammit ;)
No, nonono! But I know what you mean about the addiction. I've thought of giving it up, too, and for that very reason. The heart comes and goes.

We'll miss you, Froggy.
Rest, recoup your strength, have a few cold ones, restore your sense of balalnce in your life, the rest of us will continue to fight the forces of evil....
and remember what Rick said in Casablanca
"confusion to the enemy"
I have never been here before but it is obvious you have made an impact. Take a rest, events are about to break loose here, in the middle east, and around the world. You will be back. See you then!
I guarantee you'll be back. I've quit blogging (and deleted my blog) at least three times before only to return and start a new blog. This is why I named my most recent production "this blog will self-destruct in five seconds" - because no one knows when it will implode.
frog: Totally understand, but that doesn't make this any easier to swallow.

Leave the blog up. I get the feeling things are gonna get a helluva lot worst before they get better and this'll be a nice place for a jump start when next you feel inspired to rant.

Thanks for a great site I've always returned to when feeling my inspiration needs renewing.

Good luck! (Geez, what the hell you gonna do with all the new spare time you'll gain from this decision?) ~Dada in El Paso
best of luck to you froggie...

hope to see you around once and a while
Totally understand it...but...like Fred said...we'll see you again some day Mister Frognonymous!
Take care my favorite frog. Let us know when you return.
Froggie, you're always welcome at my place, and I wish you the very best in whatever you do.

One more thing...

Dammit, Kvatch, I'm gonna miss our multicolored frog. Please do keep in touch and drop by Is America... when you can. Let us know when you post elsewhere as guest, please.

Gloom and doom. So many of the good ones signing off.....
Kvatch -

I've not had the time to be out and about much over the last several months. I was distressed to hear this news, particularly after we joined hands to save Mary's place in "blogdom".

I will miss you, my friend, and hope to see you again if that is what fits your needs and wants. It's been my sincere pleasure, either way!

- John
Best of luck.
I could swear I left a comment yesterday but... Oh well let me say it again.

The people have spoken and the word that continues to come up is kvatch!

You are welcome to guest blog at many places, but we would selfishly love this place to come to.

You have brought us to our knees. We want kvatch!

I wish you the time you need but I hope you will return in some form, some day. Soon, she adds selfishly!
Froggie, I am coming to this post a little late - sorry to hear you are calling it kwits. Personally, I believe a hiatus makes more sense, but I'm a gramma.

Whatever it is, be good.
I can understand the burn-out and the desire to just call it quits... but you've obviously got a good, receptive audience for your writing, and I hope you decide to return at some point. I've seen it happen to a lot of bloggers over the past few years. Either way, though, thanks for the contributions up to this point, and best of luck to you with whatever you decide to do in the future.
It is addicting, and I do understand, but I am glad you will go around and share your voice on other blogs and maintain a spot on yours.

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