"When you think housing, think Chrysler!"

Detroit (f-A-ke. P.) -

Chrysler Chief Sees Link of Housing to Car Sales

Chrysler's new chief, Robert L. Nardelli is concerned that problems in the housing market and the broader economy are hurting car and truck sales. So today he announced an new initiative designed to stimulate flagging sales:

Today Chrysler is launching the 'Live In Your Car America!' campaign.

Wouldn't you like to have a beautiful new Chrysler 300 rather than a squalid closet in Hell's Kitchen? We're just saying to Americans, don't worry about those foreclosure notices. Don't worry about skyrocketing prices or plunging values. Sell your house and buy a Durango. We'll even throw in a free mattress and a shaver attachment. Your kids will love with our built-in entertainment systems. The only thing we can't provide is a toilet, but hey...that's what truck stops are for, right?

It comes down to this: When you think housing, we want you to think 'Chrysler'! Because, let's face it, a 30 years fixed-rate on a Town & Country is gonna give you a very affordable payment.


Capitalism is a wonderful thing. Like religion, it fills the minds of believers with fantasies, with promises that will never be fulfilled.

The gullible lap it up! How foolish humans are.
I can't wait to move into my car. Perhaps I can just quite my job and live off of the easy loans they're giving these days as well.
I already "live" on the road. Now, how can I fit all of my "stuff" into 1000 cubic feet?
Daniel, Octavian... When I read Nerdelli's comments my first reaction was, "Duh!"

But then I thought about a recent article where a woman switched from a 30 year fixed on her home to a 3/1 ARM so she could pull out some equity and buy herself an SUV. She's dealing with foreclosure now. Madness!

John... :-) Perhaps a trailer on the back? You know those Escalades can pull a diesel locomotive. (I heard that on TV or something.)
Hmmm, it might be cheaper to just make the house payments rather than try to keep gas in that Durango.
Ok, you got me. I had to click the links and do a quick check just to make sure Chrysler really didn't start a "Live In Your Car America!'" campaign.

It is not out of the realm of possibility IMO...

There's people talking of serious depression coming down the pike. Living in one's car will likely be a forced option for many.
Nvisiblewmn... That's a good point, and imagine if GM jumps on board. I bet that the Escalade sucks down a few gallons per mile.

Polishifter... You mean the "f-A-ke. P." moniker didn't give it away? ;-) Of course, the best satire always has a kernel of truth, eh?

It's sad to say, but you're probably right; people forced out homes; people having to drive hundreds of miles to get to jobs...
I'm thinking Australia will need to up-size vehicles for this one.
I can't see five families living in one of our economy vehicles...
Nope...I missed the F a k e P but see it now...won't happen again ;)
America, home of the brave, land of the gypsy caravans...
Cartledge... Are you saying that, "Holden don't measure up to Hummer"?

Fashiongirl... A brave new lifestyle, huh?
After I stopped laughing, I did the same thing as polishifter and clicked the link to make sure it wasn't true. Whew!

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