What price democracy?

Gonna be a busy day today, so let me begin with this:

Dr. Denny of Scholars & Rogues estimates that a serious presidential contender will have to raise a staggering $500M in the upcoming election. Now lopping off...say...40% for running the campaign, that leaves about $300,000,000 for advertising designed to secure about 60 million votes. And, when you consider that some votes are more important than others--Ohio, for example, matters way more than California--then we're talking about maybe 1/5 of those 60M. So, doing all the division, we find that 'the votes that matter' are worth about $25 a piece.

For a while there, I entertained thoughts of moving to a solidly red or battleground state, thinking that my teensy blue vote might do more good there than it does here in San Francisco, the world's largest political echo chamber. But now that I know my vote isn't even worth the price of a decent bottle of vodka, I think I'll stay put.

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In it's own weird way, this is almost more depressing than Iraq, the suspension of Habeas Corpus, the government spying on the citizens, etc. I'd like to think that without the billions spent on fancy PR shit designed to polish turds of varying stink, than there'd be less evil done in the name of freedom/God/Flying Spaghetti Monster, etc.

Then I wake up.
If you've got some Belvedere, then I am on my way over.
After a business life spent in and around advertising I am about to leave.

This makes me happy.

Reading this makes me want to puke.

Randal... Are you arguing for mandatory public funding of elections? I'm all over that. Along with a shortened election season. No campaigning before...say...April 2008.

Catherine... Though I like Belvedere a lot, I find that Grey Goose is as tasty and a bit more consistent.

FranIAm... What is my purpose other than to make my readers nauseated? ;-)
Absolutely. Equal time, and all that. Will it cost a chunk of change? Sure. Will it cost a LOT less than what's being spent now? Oui. Plus, it'd be nice where merit would matter a wee bit more than it does now, instead of everything coming down to who has the largest war chest. And sure, maybe we could only afford 100 brand spanking new F-35s instead of 250, and can only funnel half the Iraqi oil profits to Halliburton instead of 80%, but so what.
That's a whole lotta bribe money.
It's time for the whole corrupt farce called 'democracy' to be completely destroyed and we started again.

You can't change a crock of shit into a diamond!
Isn't it nice too know that if one has the money one can buy public office or influence it?

Is this what true Democracy means?

I hope not and I also hope we can still get our country back one day soon.

God Bless.
Aww you besotten little frog. You could never live in a red state. They don't even sell $30 vodka. You'd be drinking Beefeaters.
Randal... I'm so on board. Anybody who raises funds independently gets disqualified immediately--primary season begins in April, ends in August!

Crackpot Press... And none goes to us here Californians. Sucks to be dependably democratic.
You can't change a crock of shit into a diamond!

Daniel... No truer words nor lipstick for this pig.

AnonP... I guess I'd prefer if the price were just a little lower. Seems to be another monumental waste.

Fashiongirl... Beefeaters?! Yuck! Isn't that the one with the 'girly man' on the bottle? Of course, I should talk. I drink French vodka.
I drink French vodka.

You ARE a frog. :)
I recently read somewhere that there are over 30,000 full-time lobbyists in Washington. With 100 Senators and 435 CON(gress)-men that makes nearly 60, SIXTY for every legislator! HOLY SHIT!!

You want to play a round of golf at St. Andrews? They'll fly you there and back in a client's corporate jet and pay the greens fees. Plus hotel accomodation, meals, liquor, hookers of either sex...

The best government money can buy is by definition a government that has already sold out.
Just enough Democracy to call it "representative," but apparently not enough to fill the Democracy Deficit on major issues.
Ahhh, the true cost of "freedom."

Burn the whole mess down and start over.
I am in a red state and I drink Imperia vodka.

As far as our so-called democracy goes, I don't think we have one. Aristocracy maybe? I would go for public funding to even the playing field. But, I know that will never happen. We are screwed. I understand your sentiment Kvatch. I vote in Alabama. My vote is also worthless.
SadButTrue... 60 lobbyists per member of Congress?! Astounding, and I do believe that those perks were exaclty the ones that Randy 'Duke' Cunningham enjoyed, or was that Denny Hastert? I get confused.

Aaron A... So far that 'Democracy Deficit' is a yawning singularity. Nothing is gettin' done right now.
CultureGhost... With the representatives inside or outside?

Navyswan... Imperia, huh? Looks like something to try. As for the voting issue: The Frogette and I have already pretty much decided to leave CA, cost of living is just getting too damn high. The question is the timing and the destination.
Yesssss... it is ABSOLUTELY turd polishing time. Randal speaks good sense. And by using the turd imagery, his comment is also automatically gets a top rating when measured with my Scat-o-Meter.

If you want to go to a pretty cool place that doesn't cost quite as much, consider Portland. The city is about 2/3 Dem, so you still have the "echo chamber" thing, but hey... it has lots of culture, it's fairly European in its approach, and as far as progressive cities go, it has to rank way near the top.

As someone who lives in Red Rural America, I leap at the chance to go to Portland whenever the opportunity presents itself. I think I went there about five times this summer for various things, and we have gone twice in the last few weeks, the first time to see "Spamalot" and the second time to take my daughter to college... I am SO jealous of her getting to live in Portland!

So, why don't the Snavette and I just pack up and move there? The cost is substantially higher to buy a home there than it is here, and my mom still lives here and will probably need our help in the coming years. But it might not seem to cost as much for someone who has been living in SF. Do a little research, check it out! It's relaxed, it's progressive... it DOES rain a fair amount, but that really isn't all so bad.
I vote blue in a red state so I guess my vote is worthless. However, Indiana is becoming more purplish all the time. I think it's more like 53% red vs 47% blue and getting closer to 50/50 all the time. People, red or blue, do not like Mitch Daniels and he's going to try to get reelected so that's going to be some fun next year. I don't think he'll stand a chance but let's see how the numbers come out in the end. If he wins it will be by cheating, of that there is no doubt in my mind.
Snave... I've had Portland recommended to me by many people, including a good friend who lives there. But...what about mass transit? Is it possible to live in Portland without a car?

Liberality... Actually it's quite the opposite. Your vote is *SO* much more important exactly because you live in a red state!

That's the thing, I think. Do I move to a red state where I can really influence things, or stay here where everybody thinks like I do?

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