What is there left to say?

Last year on this date, I participated in 2996, the project to remember each of the victims of the September 11th attacks, and I had hoped to find the inspiration to write something positive on 9/11's sixth anniversary. But frankly...I've got nothing. And I'd really like to say that nothing is what's happened in the United States since 9/11/2001, but just ain't the truth.

The plain fact is that everything that has happened--from the Patriot Act to politicizing the government, from illegal surveillance to indefensible acts of torture, Gonzales to Guantanamo, Rumsfeld to rendition, Iraq to Iran--every act is calculated to further the process of twisting America into a fascist hegemony. And do I blame Republicans...solely, for this cancer? I do not! Democrats are equally to blame for seeing the cancer and refusing to cut it out! You are equally to blame. I am equally to blame, and if there was anything left to say, I'd say it.

America is dying, and late at night I find myself surfing sites that discuss the process of emigration.

Game over.



Mr_Blog Presents:
The Not To Blame List
Helping Kvatch feel better about 9/11

1. The Dalai Lama
2. Naomi Watts
3. WNBA superstar Lauren Jackson
4. Bowie
5. Puppies
6. Kittens
7. Baby animals generally
8. Surprisingly: Martha Stewart
9. The Gyllenhalls
10. Saddam Hussein
I'm with ya, Kvatch.
if I can get EU citizenship then I am outta here
Mr_Blog... Yup. I certainly one whiney-ass bitch! :-)

Lizzy... Constantly repeating "we're f*cked, we've given away the show," gets tiresome after a while. Especially when nobody that matters cares.
i was thinking cuba and starting a gentrification process
If I were just a little younger and had something to offer, I'd give Canada some serious thought.

Wishful thinking for me though.
I hear ya & it's not just late at night that I get lost looking at real estate & visa info in foreign lands. It's a daunting process for someone as rooted as I am. Hope I'm not hiding my head in the sand, but I give U.S. another year before I get more serious. After seeing SICKO, southern France is high on my list of possibilities. ~~ D.K.
Don't do it, Frog! We need you HERE.

Though, I guess w/ teh internets being what they are, we wouldn't actually be losing you, eh. {sigh} But remember, where ya gonna get yer Peet's if you move!?

Still, our politicians may be teh total suck, but at least the Japanese are pushing hard enough to make theirs jump!

Maybe it'll get catchy over here...
Especially when nobody that matters cares.

The Dems care! Why just the other day, the House Judiciary Committee voted on articles of imp...er, they utilized inherent contempt and Miers and Rove appeared bef...er, they decided to defund the wa...er, they passed a resolution stating their love of mom, apple pie, and the troops.

"We don't have the votes."
Fuck off. You don't because you've shown NO leadership. I guess the allure of subpoena power just isn't what it used to be. Bloody wankers.
Doood, the problem lies in our Marxist media and the dumbasses that fall for the same simple propaganda techniques over and over and over.
I think you're right about there being enough blame to go around. I guess I want to think there's still hope...?

My first choice would be Canada. New Zealand would be nice but it's so far away. Would I want to be that far away?
Thanks for the great comments everyone.

So here's the interesting thing: At least 50% of the people responding to this post have expressed a desire to, sometimes just considered, emigration? How wide spread is this feeling? How what would it take to push one over the edge?
And blow the chance to have a lefty Red Dawn where we fire gun show purchases at a monolithic government of Jesusy oil barons? Pshaw!

In all seriousness, I don't know. That'd be a heavy undertaking, financially, emotionally, save maybe to Canada, and my French is laughably mediocre enough to where even Quebec wouldn't starve me into oblivion. I would have to fear, greatly fear, for my childrens' future. You know, life and death fear. Tough question to answer.
Randal... I definitely understand where you're coming from.

The Frogette and I have no children, jobs/skills that are "portable" (setting aside the issue of being allowed to work). And we already travel large distances to visit our families. So we're used to that. Puts the whole issue in a different light.

I guess if there was anything that would hold me back. It would the abstract notion of 'abandoning my country', but what do you when you get the increasing feeling that your country has abandoned you?
It would the abstract notion of 'abandoning my country', but what do you when you get the increasing feeling that your country has abandoned you?

Exactly. As lame as America has become in so many respects, it is home, if I may be so maudlin, and if we left, there'd be that nagging feeling that you didn't do enough. Which ties back into your original post here. Did we? No. But since our "leaders" on both sides didn't either (and this goes back before Dubya and The Clenis and Saint Ronnie and the Peanut Man and Tricky Dick and the fucking Brits in the Middle East, etc etc. What was my point? Oh yeah, stay out of my booze!

It's death by a thousand cuts.
Not to pile on...

Decoding bin Laden's Latest: An Odd Congruence

The unnamed "European thinker" is of course Emmanuel Todd, who forecast the collapse of the Soviet Empire in his The Final Fall: An Essay on the Decomposition of the Soviet Sphere, published in 1976. Todd's book on the crumbling Soviet sphere was remarkably prescient, and in 2002 he turned his attention to America's global status in his After the Empire: The Breakdown of the American Order.

Todd's argument, which has been much discussed among European intellectual and political elites, is that in the relatively near term America's financial indiscipline and runaway consumption habits will result in a crash leading to a necessary 15 to 20 percent reduction in American living standards. Todd reasons that the U.S., despite its military prowess, simply lacks the power to enforce its hegemony everywhere it wishes and that its increasingly fragile, debt-dependent economy cannot sustain for long such an overreaching imperial policy.

Todd describes the U.S. as a "superpower living hand to mouth," led by a ruling class "even more rudderless and clueless than its European counterparts," and incapable of achieving its global aims through repeated applications of "theatrical micromilitarism." Todd argues that the disintegration of American hegemony already is in full swing, and he predicts that the Bush American Administration and its neocon theorists "will go down in history as the gravediggers of the American empire."

It's a hard rain gonna fall.
i was thinking cuba and starting a gentrification process

They'll need light rail, transit-oriented development and 32 independent espresso shops per square kilometer. Oh, and Whole Foods.
I think I have the perfect solution on so many levels. To begin with, no one has to leave the US borders. Every single liberal in the country should move to Texas, take over - through sheer numbers - the Lone Star State and use their special deal to leave the US and set up Texas as our own country. That would have the added effect of making George and his Texas companions persona non gratis in their own state.

Great spot, and we'd have our own coastline.
The problem with that is Dubya would just fall back on Connecticut, where he's really from. Or Maine. Or that South American country where I understand he's bought a ranch where he can flee- er, retire.
Can't the Northeast just secede? (I'd like to take the other blue states with us, but it's hard to be one country if your components are not all contiguous.)

I wonder what they'd do if we tried to secede? Think they'd fight a civil war to keep us? Or say good riddance to the Liberals?
But since our "leaders" on both sides didn't either...

No truer words, Randal.

Fred... Oh thanks another article to really make me depressed. I'll get to it a bit later tonight.

Mr_Blog... Damn straight! The espresso shops being the most important.
Robert... Though the wisdom of your plan is unassailable...have you ever lived in Texas? In addition, the "special deal" is done. The secession vote happened on the 150th anniversary of Texas' entry into the Union and was dealt with by the legislature who voted on behalf of the people to stay. (God knows what might have happened if the people had voted.)

Mauigirl... The Federal Government cannot allow the blue states, any of the blue states, to secede. Blue states contribute way more to the Federal coffers per capita than the red states, and get back much less in Federal assistance of all kinds.
Just so you know, Canada welcomes all immigrants who are willing to contribute to our liberal, tolerant multicultural society.

We're especially looking for good solid defencemen with good skating and passing skills. Special consideration given to those who also have a blistering slapshot.
Well said. I chose not to write because I could only say what I said last year and the year before that. We are not safer and it has been used not to help us, but to hurt our republic

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