Two Sad Bits on a Sunday Night: Thompson's True Colors

And he didn't even wait 24 god-damned hours after announcing his campaign:
If you're politically committed against this war and to do something to further harm the president, the way the Democrats seem to be in Congress, then anything [in the Petraeus Report] that's a mixed message is going to be seized upon in a negative way. ...If we look weak and divided in this country, we're going to pay a heavy price for it in the future...
Get that? Dissent, opposing the President, weakens America. And...since candidates never reveal any truth that might harm their campaign, you can bet that Thompson's closely held beliefs pale in comparison to what he was willing to say on Hannity & Colmes--A neocon wet-dream.


Fred Thompson = 4 more years of BushCo.
he is a friggin' cretin...I watched his "opener' in Iowa on cspan today- scary--- I had drunk uncles that made more sense ....and he could not even answer the Planted Questions welll....I swear I will swim to Canada if he is elected...

( on a good note I do have to report that ONLY about 80- people were at his Big Opener in Iowa and he totally sucked and malperformed in front of a LIVE crowd)
hmmm . so the froggy does not read me anymore? my wittle feelings are hurt...
If he wins, does that mean I will be arrested for treason?
Flipping through the stations during yet another Browns' loss, came across some 9/11 marathon on the History Channel and what popped in my head but that oh-so-faux moment of brotherhood after the attack when everyone would work together in a bipartisan fashion. No one with a brain believed it, but now it's since taken on a whole new level of comedy. In their own special way, the neocon blood drinkers hate America just as much as Osama and his loon clerical associates.
Fred Thompson...

Isn't he the guy who was lobbying for special perks for Aristide's government?

*correct me if I'm wrong - it just seems to hover in my memory
so we must be on the pee wee herman level of strength in this current state of affairs
These Republicans are going to get drilled in the general election. I think it could be a shut out. They really believe that their spin machine can overcome this failed war and they keep digging that whole deeper and deeper.
Talk about an empty suit. Geesh!
Nothing really surprising here. I'm just hoping America is fed up with the Republican party. Maybe the democratic party will quite two toeing it.
The Republicans have no one. If any candidate in their line-up can't be defeated in '08, we really are doomed. This "Skeletor 2" doofus is bush 3. It probably explains his support from the neo-cons and the infatuation of the rednecks and fundies. From what I've read about his wife, Pickles ranks angelic. I think THE REPUBLICANS ARE DESPERATE.
People have been making this argument since the dawn of time. They need to get some new material.
Thanks for all the great comments everyone. Sorry I was sort of missing in action yesterday--tough day at work.

Oddly, I think that Thomson will be the nominee or he'll be one of the top two. I think the GOP is experiencing major candidate fatigue.

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