Tuesday Technology Tidbits (A Little Late)

See, this is what happens when you get all morose about 9/11 and start obsessing about our f*ckwad of a president...you forget what Tuesday is really about: Technology Tidbits!

Want a really green car? Well you can't have one!
They're called PZEV, partial zero emission vehicles, and in some cases outdo even conventional hybrids for their cleanliness at the tailpipe. The catch? Unless you live in California, New York, or one of six other northeastern states not only are they not available, it's illegal to sell them. Yes indeed, and if the Feds catch you trying to buy one, the fine can be as high as $27,500.

You scratch my back...
Telcos and ISPs voluntarily cooperate with the Feds on illegal surveillance of Americans.
...and I'll scratch yours:
DoJ sides with the Telcos on 'Net Neutrality' and starts muscling other federal departments on the issue.

And just in case your employer wants to 'chip' you...
Point them at this article that says that those embedded RFID transmitters are causing cancer in laboratory animals.


Grill a single juicy burger, and you've cooked up the same hydrocarbon emissions as a three-hour drive in a Ford Focus PZEV.

And I was going to fire up the propane later on. Damn liberal guilt!

You read stuff like this, and then when you bring up any military-industrial tinfoil hat junk, you're looked at like you have lobsters crawling out of your ears. Forces of greed and evil are
stacked against decency, folks.

This was comical: "We want to give people the cleanest vehicles we can produce, but how much are people willing to pay for clean air?"

Whatever else could we have done with that $450 billion (so far) blown on foreign misadventures. I wonder, I wonder, I wonder...
Illegal to buy a car, WTF?
Whatever else could we have done with that $450 billion (so far) blown on foreign misadventures.

Randal... The mind boggles doesn't it. I suspect, come up with a workable plan and supporting research to completely solve our energy dependence and consumption problems. But it just a guess.

Catherine... To be more precise, I think that it's considered illegal for you to buy one of these vehicles in a state where they're not supposed to be sold in the first place. Doesn't prevent you from buying one in say... California.

Though I do know, for example, that Nissan dealers in the Midwest can not, in fact will not, service the hybrid vehicles that their company sells.
I suspect, but dont know for sure, that there wont be gangs of low-emission cars being smuggled around on the hippie underground.

Thats a pretty hefty fine.

If you dont mind me pointing out, frog- that fine seems higher than if you are caught with an abductee!
Hey...can frogs get those chips???

Just askin'.
That's a nice touch, making it illegal to buy them, since they're such a menace to the public well being and all... wtf?!~
Maybe there's a PZEV loophole. A Subaru dealer on Seattle's eastside is running ads on the Air America station that they are selling Subaru's entire line of PZEVs.


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