Tuesday Technology Tidbits - "At the sound of the tone..."

Yes you heard right my friends. The end is nigh as AT&T discontinues their venerable "time-of-day" telephone service. I wonder if you can still hear WWVB's time broadcast over the phone?

"At the tone, 6 hours 42 minutes 15 seconds, Universal Coordinated Time... [BEEEEPPPPP!]"

Google Uber Alles
It's not like you need to be told that, when you surf Google, they track everything you do from your results to your clicks. But did you know that when you use Google apps pretty much everything that's stored in their servers belongs to them? Got a mess-o-data in Google Spreadsheets? Well...they own it! Here's the language from their user agreement:
...you grant Google a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to reproduce, adapt, modify, publish and distribute such Content on Google services for the purpose of displaying, distributing and promoting Google services...
How you like them apples? Can anyone say, "blackmail"?

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Wait. I still get time.
Wait, this has possibilities. Imagine -- no more being late for appointments! No more missed buses! No more getting busted for forgetting anniversaries!
according to legend, google initially opted for the name "big brother" but that was taken by a reality show. but at least they're trying to save energy with our surfing.
Mary... Actually, for the moment, I think that it's only us Californians that are losing our time service.

John, TPM... Yikes is right! ;-)
Mr_Blog... It's a compelling idea, but what happens if our cell-phones give out? I don't even wear a watch anymore. What the hell am I going to do then?

RAFFI... "Blackle" that's cool. Saving my laptop display from burn in as well! :-)
So in Florida we still have "time"? If you run out of time, let me know and I'll share some of ours with you.

Actually I don't even know if we have the service here, since I've never used it.
No more getting busted for forgetting anniversaries!

And miss the yelling and screaming that follows? Where's the fun in that? :)
Did you read the article about google in the economist last week?

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