Time To Retire Feinstein

It would be hard to find a more worthless administration tool than Diane Feinstein. From gutting FISA to funding the war without restrictions, this so-called Democrat cries "how high?" anytime Bu$hCo says jump. She voted to extend the Patriot Act without the critical safeguards that real Democrats wanted. She voted for what amounts to a declaration of war on Iran. She was instrumental in sending a corporate shill to the Senate floor for a US 5th Circuit confirmation vote. She condemns the free speech rights of MoveOn.org and our troops to endless combat without relief.

Even a Republican apparatchik, appointed by the governator, would be better than a woman who at every turn demonstrates contempt for her constituents. At least then there would be no expectation of true representation.

So...Senator Feinstein...could you please just retire. You're an embarrassment--a liability for your state and your party.


GREAT post and so so so true.

Wow and that photo. You've outdone yourself on this one Kvatch.

She is a mess. Time to G-O!
Wow and that photo. You've outdone yourself on this one Kvatch.

I second that. She'd make a great character in the horror movie version of the Bush presidency. Wait. That was redundant.
G'morning Froggie!

I wish I could vote out DiFi. I wish I could vote out my OWN congresscritter. Living in a red district, even if it is a blue state, sucks.

Can I ask an OT "THEORETICAL" question? Go ahead and delete the comment if I can't...

IF there are elections in 2008, and Senator Clinton wins, and then IF something "disasterous" happened to GWB and "GOD FORBID" he should die from it on New Years Eve 2008, and "horribly", Dick Cheney were to have a "GOD FORBID" fatal heart attack before being sworn in - would they jump the line and swear in Senator Clinton a few days early? Or could Speaker Pelosi "THEORETICALLY" steal the title of "First Woman President" for her 19 day stint?

"GOD FORBID" that anything like this should EVER happen, of course!
Thanks Fran, Randal. I have no problems voting for Barbara Boxer, but Feinstein is another matter entirely. I have to hold my nose ever time I cast a ballot for her. It sucks. She runs practically unopposed. As with Pelosi we need a credible challenge from within the party.

Sewmouse... I don't think they can. Pelosi would become the Prez for 19 days. Then hand it over to...whomever.
solid. bro
She can't do it. There's still too much money for her and her husband to make off the occupation of Iraq.
I used to really like her...

What happened?
All true.
I so agree. She seems to be tiptoeing closer to Lieberman with every step. We should remember that her husband, Richard Blum, is a war profiteer. His company, URS Corp, has had its income double from Defense Department contracts since the beginning of the Iraq War. Just last year URS got over $1.6 billion from the U.S. government.
Cognitorex... Thanks amigo!

Polishifter, KnightErrant... $1.6B? Jeez, I knew that URS was making money off the war, but damn that's excessive.

Scarlet Witch... Ms. Blue, is that you?
Proud to say that in the 20 years I've lived in California, I've never voted for Feinstein. Can't stand the woman. Wish she would fall down a flight of stairs and remove herself from national politics.
yes, it's time for her to moveon(.org). her agenda is not 'fein'
Polshifter nails it spot on.

Funny how Cheney's ties to Haliburton make front page news, but nearly a peep about Feinstein.

What is up with that?
The thing that always bugged me about Feinstein (when I lived in California) was her constant requests for "help" (i.e. donations). The irony. I'm not into class warfare or envying the rich or anything, but jeez. She and her husband must be one of the richest couples in the country, and here she is badgering working people with "can you help me out"?

Plus everything you said in your post. She goes along to get along, while making it look like she's taking a stand and sticking her neck out.
've never voted for Feinstein.

CultureGhost... I have, holding my nose each time, but I categorically refuse to give her organization any money. Whenever they call I simply recite a long list of objectionable votes and they get the hint pretty quick.

RAFFI... :-) :-) :-) Not "fein" indeed!
Praguetwin... And the numbers...the numbers! You have to wonder what in Feinstein and here husband have with the MSM to keep such figures largely out of mainstream circulation.

Tom... See my comment above. The only campaign that pleads for cash more than Feinstein's is Pelosi's.

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