Larry Craig Prepares for the Future

Larry Craig welcomes visitors to the Twin Cities' newest attraction.


That's a site where you have to sign in or up. So please tell me what it's all about.

Is it his famous or favorite stall? Is it especially built for those with a wide stance? Do you have to remove your shoes before going in? Are there lots of pieces of paper on the floor that one can pick up for cover?

I'm curious! Thank god I'm not a cat because I would have been dead years ago.
PoP... Sorry 'bout that. I've swapped in a UPI link for the Pioneer Press link. Basically the deal is that the infamous stall has become a tourist attraction. :-)
They will be selling post cards? Right? And souvenir mugs?

And I am beginning to see a prostate drug endorsement for Larry... no more running to the restroom for that so-called "frequent urination" thing.
PS- you've been 'rolled Kvatch!
Shouldn't he be holding a bundt cake in that hand? I'm just sayin'...
Among it's more popular features is free entry with early withdrawl for air travels with layovers at the airport.
To hell with Disney World.
I never thought a stall or a bathroom would ever recieve this type of fan fare.
Fran... Welcome to Blognonymous and thanks for rolling the site.

I think Larry Craig has a great future in the...ahem... 'hospitality' business.

Fashiongirl... Or maybe a hot-dish? Some rice krispy bars?
UndeniableL... Hey man, Minnesota's got everything. The Mall of America and Larry Craig's stall! ;-)

Let's Talk... Only in Minnesota my friend. I can imagine it now:

"Well ya know hon, that's where that Senator from Idaho got caught."
Postcard (for FranIAm)
"This is where the Family Values' Party came a-crapper."
Yes. I'm beginning to think that Irony should be the platform of the Republican party.
Perhaps you could start a fund to install a commemorative plaque?
LOL!! Now I'm trying to think of what the (now) #2 tourist attraction is in Minneapolis.
Cognitorex... 'Flushing those family values down the toilet'?

...irony should be the platform of the Republican party.

Octavian... Well, let's not go overboard. How about just a plank. I mean you've got hubris, megalomania, etc...
Perhaps you could start a fund to install a commemorative plaque?

JM... How about: "Larry Craig wept here."?

SadButTrue... What do you mean the, "#2 tourist attraction"? The Mall of America, man!
Considering the only job he will be able to get is Walmart Greeter.. this is a great resume builder.
Now that the ACLU is defending him, he might get off. What irony!
don't you all think that GOP should use the Stall as a Fundraiser- charge for the Tour, have postcards, urinal cakes, you know souvaniers, oh and I guess Wide Stance TP.....that would be a huge hit...
Crackpot... True! I mean look how happy he seems--all those 'friendly' people.

TomCat... The ACLU's justification is an interesting one. Not quite sure how I feel about it myself. Need to think on that a bit.

E4E... What an outstanding idea! The stall could be a tourist attraction. Rep. Foley's messages could become GOP ringtones!

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