Labor Day Is For Un-American Pussies

From the President's Labor Day Weekend radio address:

My fellow Americans, we have the most productive workers in the world. They're a big part to what makes this country great, and so I'm declaring an end to the anti-American practice of celebrating Labor Day.

We all know that terrorists want to harm our great nation, and one way they do this is by encouraging our workers to rest when they should be out there kickin' Chinese butt, but I want you to know that the terrorists never rest. So like me, if you need a month--I mean a day off on Labor Day, do the "American" thing and take a day of vacation.

Thank you and God bless the United States of America.


damn those evil-doers... if they take away my three-day labor day weekend, i would have to become unproductive. thus, i would stop blogging.
Umm, I thought Labor Day was one of the days you did the patriotic thing and went shopping.
Raffi, Deb... Personally, I'm working hard today to kick some non-American ass, but I suppose I should have been out shopping. ;-)
In the speech, I think Bush eloquently summed it up when he said "without 'you', there would be no 'U' in labor."
I'm resisting Labor day here, the day following the next election. Mind you, I'm still a devotee of our eight hour day which I expect is what you are celebrating.
What? this was about workers? I thought that labor day was reserved for all manner of deliveries...I've got several pregnant friends, all of whom need to deliver those pups.
I don't think this report is accurate.

For the last year, I have been working with helping executives relocate to Los Angeles.

My clients come from a wide range of countries, South Africa, France, China, Japan, Austria.

All of them have mentioned that they are amazed that people leave their jobs at 5:30... at home most of the time they work until 8 or 9.
Mr_Blog... :-) Actually, to quite precise, I think he said:

There is no 'you' in Labor! Suck on that commies!

Cartledge... Oddly enough, I did celebrate Labor Day with an 8 hour day, but that's for the next post.
WS... That kind of 'labor' is 'real' work, and I'm sure that Bush would approve--provided of course we're talking about a Republican fetus conceived in the godly union of one man and one woman.

Crackpot... Who leaves their job at 5:30? I kid, but seriously my impression, at least of Europe, is that there is quite a bit of latitude where the morning and early afternoon work hours are concerned.
Crackpot, you neglect to mention -

Most of the Japanese men I've met DO work until 8:30 or 9 pm - but they spend most of 8 am to 5pm asleep at their desks.

Literally. With their culture, it's all about "Face Time", not productivity.
Labor Day was invented by Communists for the purpose of sapping the work ethic and moral fiber of this great nation.

Who Hijacked Our Country
Of course, if the Big Dick Cheney's Grandkid is involved. It's okay to have two moms and a lesbian household. but other than that, you are spot on. There will be no test tube, turkey baster inseminations allowed for any kind of non-hetero union love child.

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