Idaho Conservative Group 'Jumps Shark' To Support Craig

Not content to simply accept the mind-boggling stupidity of Senator Larry Craig's actions, the conservative Idaho American Land Rights Association decided today to 'Jump the Shark' in support their favorite stall-crawler:
In a lengthy e-mail to supporters ALRA head Chuck Cushman accused police of "ambushing" Craig, and said the airport has "effectively declared war on the West."

"Frankly, I've been in that Minnesota airport many times. Virtually everything Senator Craig did, I have done. I have a medical problem that means I must find a usable stall quickly... I've actually made noise outside a stall to encourage the person inside to move along as fast as possible."
One wonders if Mr. Cushman realizes that he basically characterized himself as a Turd Burglar? Well, no matter... Responding on behalf of the great State of Minnesota, Blognonymous' very own Frogette says:
Well ya know... We just don't go in for that type of behavior around here. What Mr. Cushman does in airport bathrooms in his own state, is his business, but we're just protecting our families. And, ya know, threatening our airport there, well that's just not nice. I don't think Mr. Cushman would like it very much if Minnesotans stopped buying their potatoes, don'cha know.
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One wonders if Mr. Cushman realizes that he basically characterized himself as a Turd Burglar?

Given how obsessed they are with the Homosexual Lifestyle and its accompanying Agenda, he would have to have had prior knowledge. If only these guys didn't control everything, what a comical nation we'd have!
Give these guys a shovel to they can dig an even deeper stink hole.
Randal... I have this hilarious picture in my mind of Cushman standing outside some hapless person's stall making all sorts of "bogeyman" noises trying to get them to hurry-it-up!

PoliShifter... "Stink" hole is right! :-)
I live in an area where thousands of people have been snookered into voting GOP based on Republican lies about land-use and environmental issues. I doubt that a lot of these rural GOP voters, particular the mostly very macho Christian men, would take too kindly to Turd Burglars. Mr. Cushman is setting himself and his group up for all kinds of abuse, which is FINE as far as I'm concerned.

If the Re-poop-lickin's get their underpants all in a bunch about boycotting that particular airport, does that mean there won't be as many of them going to Minneapolis for their 2008 convention?

I don't view Craig's incident as a "sting" operation. The officer supposedly didn't even know he was being hit on by a Senator until Craig showed him his Senate ID.

Of course those who support Craig are calling it a sting, or an entrapment. I don't think sting operations are necessarily a bad thing, although legitimate questions need to be asked re. such methods. As I recall, the ABSCAM sting from the late 70s and early 80s caused a bit of whining and complaining. There were some doubts as to whether or not the government should engage in undercover tactics that could endanger privacy and civil rights, among other things. Libertarians were concerned that such methods were "entrapment".

In Craig's case however, I think the "outrage" being expressed is from Republicans who view the "sting" as an attack by Democrats, from Republicans who desperately do not want to lose more Senate seats, and from Republicans who know Craig was one of the leading proponents of conservative land-use ideas. The reasons for the "outrage" do not appear to be over a violation of Craig's privacy or his civil rights as much as it is anger over yet ANOTHER one of their silly guys getting caught in the act and the political REAMifications thereof.
I am literally climbing back into my chair right now!! I never thought I'd see "turd burglar" used as a tag! lol
Way to go frogette
Is the Frogette going to lead us in a potato boycott?
uh... the WEST? Cushman don't surf..

It should war on the Fly over...

Are he repubs giving up on geography too?
...does that mean there won't be as many of them going to Minneapolis for their 2008 convention?

You know Snave, you're right! I didn't even think of that. What a a great observation. OK, ok, I think we should encourage these "land use" conservatives all we can. BOYCOTT MINNEAPOLIS!

John... You just can't go wrong when the dipsh*t says something so mind-numbingly stupid. Glad you enjoyed it! :-)
Robert... The Frogette says to tell you, "Oh, that's very nice of him." (Imagine Marge Gunderson (Fargo) saying this and you'll have it just right.)

Is the Frogette going to lead us in a potato boycott?

Nvisiblewmn... I doubt it. Having lived in Minnesnowta, I can tell you that living without potatoes would be a hard thing.

Crackpot Press... Maybe the 'thuglicans need a new program, "No wingnut left behind"?
Hiya Froggy!! The machinations of thecons to protest their lost sheeple never ceased to amaze mr. Off topic, I ran across a pic that was you, and could not resist making you a gift from it. Here's the URL:

LOL Frogman!

Great post! :)
Hey TomCat...an astounding likeness!!! :-)

Suzie-Q, many thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.

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