I Hate To Say iTold You So, But...

So how many iPhones did Apple sell? Who knows, but apparently not enough to keep Steve Jobs from kicking the early adopters in the teeth. I mean...how hard must it suck to not only own a crippled device but to hear that Apple dropped the price by $200 just 60 days after the initial release?

Oh well--the frog says, overwhelmed with schadenfreude--I'm just going to pop over to the Apple store and drool over the device that they should have released in the first place. Two months ago, when I pronounced the iPhone "doomed", I talked about what I really wanted: An OS X enabled iPod with the nifty touch screen and WiFi, a "...perfect synthesis of...my digital assistant and my digital music player". And guess what? Apple announced my dream gadget yesterday, iPod Touch.

Eat your hearts out iPhone weenies!

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Sure, this price drop was quick, but they do happen, and with all the early warning signs about it...well, some just need, crave, hunger to have the newest thing on day one.

I still use my discman on the bus, dang whipper-snappers and their techno-implants! Choosing which CDs to bring has become almost ritualized. I really should invest in a goddamn iPod already.
I resisted the iPod for a long time until I realized it was a viable defense against those mutant freaks who use cell phones.

And yeah, the iPhone-without-the-phone does sound like a pretty cool gizmo--much cooler than the kind with a cell phone (have I mentioned that cell phone users are mutant freaks?).
I resisted the iPod for a long time until I realized it was a viable defense against those mutant freaks who use cell phones.

I'm sold.
Randal... Well Steve Jobs is trying to mend fences with the early adopters. Today he announced $100 rebates for anyone who bought an iPhone in the first wave.

Tom... The, "iPhone without the phone" is exactly what I want, but (and I *am* an iPod owner) my current iPod Video isn't too old. So I'm gonna have to wait. Bummer. :-(
I feel no sympathy for those that bought iPhones early. I had to smell their smug around the office and the grocery store as they whipped it out to adoring crowds "yeah, it's the new iPhone...I like to be, you know, ahead of the curve"

Yeah - I couldn't believe Apple cut the price that much (one-third) in 2 months.

I still think I'll stick with my no-camera, 3-year old cellphone and my MP3 player (not even an iPod).
Hey, I'm sure being "ahead of the curve" is worth AT LEAST $200 to those trailblazers...god, another great capitalist tactic, charge a premium to those willing to camp on the sidewalk in the rain outside BestBuy in a line for a week to be the first with the latest gizmo.

And it was nice of Jobs to split the premium with 'em and give 'em $100 back (to be spent in his store, of course). Long live the American Dream!
PoliShifter... I'm with you. I couldn't care less about the iBrick as a phone. When it comes to phones, I like it to make calls and to be small. That's it.

Elsa... Well, as Dada point's out, Jobs game 'em back an "apology", though still a small fraction of the markup from what I've heard.

Dada... Apple's livin' the dream big time. I hear that iPhones cost about $150 in parts.
I think we aught to take up a collection to get you a new iphone with out the phone so you can critique the thing. I'm curious to see what you think if you do finally get one. They sure look sweet.

Incidentially, one of my windsurfing buddies had taken some home vid. patched in some rockin' music overlay and made his own home movies of us out on the water. Played it on the back of his truck on the iphone. Awesome. There were like six or eight sailors hanging off the tailgate like he was showing porn.
You don't want to take those iPhones out of the country, either. Seems they keep synching your e-mail, even if you never turn the thing on. People racked up as much as $4,800 in data charges without realizing it while on vacation. Oops.

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