California GOP Prefers a Texan Wingnut To Schwarzenegger

OK, setting aside the seemingly extreme views the actor-wannabe-president (Fred Thompson), one has to wonder if the GOP really ready to jump off a cliff in 2008? You'd think that with Bush's approval ratings in the terrible twenties, the field of contenders would play to the center in an attempt to woo moderates. In fact, in a speech to the California State GOP Convention, this was exactly the advice that Governor Schwarzenegger had for his party. He encouraged his fellow Republicans to tackle issues California's voters care about like health-care and global-warming, but the address got a decidedly chilly reception.

You know who California's Republicans do like? Bush's successor in Texas, the wingnut Rick Perry. He brought the convention to its feet with an address that derided moderation and attacked California's "bankrupt, liberal political philosophy".

Now it could be that Governor Perry has forgotten that Republicans haven't won California in a Presidential election since 1988, but I doubt it. Attempting to appeal to independents doesn't appear to be in his playbook--nor the GOP's for that matter, and no wonder. Perry comes from a state where gerrymandering has delivered a comfortable conservative majority. Here in California though, you don't get elected without at least paying lip service to social issues. Schwarzenegger knows this and knows that it will matter in 2008, even is his party doesn't.

Guess the GOP really is going to need to steal California's electors in order to get their man into the White House in 2008.

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I just don't understand why they are all trying to get that tiny percentage that still supports bush. Those people are too damned stupid to find the voting booth so why chase after them?
Maybe Arnold will decide to kick the GOP? I'd vote for him!
Most politicians claim they must appeal to the independents or moderates but then again we're talking about Texas here. This could get very interesting.
Wingnuts like to flock together.
Texas Republicans have proven themselves to be reckless, stubborn, ignorant, bigoted and radical.

Yep, just what American needs more of.
PoP, Gracie... I think that Schwarzenegger has got it exactly right and Perry exactly wrong. Consequently...the GOP is going suffer in 2008. (I hope.)

Octavian... Even if the Governator were to switch, I still wouldn't vote for him. His speeches are in the right place, but not so much his initiatives.
Catherine... I think that Perry must be salivating over Fred Thompson's entry into the race.

Texas Republicans have proven themselves to be reckless, stubborn, ignorant, bigoted and radical.

James... Much like Texas Democrats of yesteryear! :-) You can change the party affiliation, but...
Wait, Perry is in California?


That seems to be the key word when it comes to the GOP.
LC... Oh no you don't! Perry was just a special guest star. We don' want him!

Snave... And steal the 'Thuglicans will, if the electoral ballot initiative manages to get by the voters.
Katch - thank you for keeping us posted..wow..just when you think things don't or can't get any stranger???
"LC... Oh no you don't! Perry was just a special guest star. We don' want him!"

Okay, then let me sweeten the deal; what if we throw in John "Box Turtle" Cornyn and a closeted homophobic gay Congressman to be named later?
LC... Oh, OK! But only if you take Feinstein. How about it?

E4E... I was frankly surprised that they got Perry to speak. What in the sweet name-o-J we're they thinking. You just knew that the CA media was going to seize on this.

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