Cabinet Department or Public Relations Firm?

In the hyper-politicized environment of the Bu$hCo executive, it seems as if the Department of Transportation is going to need a new mission statement. The old one:
Serve the United States by ensuring a fast, safe, efficient, accessible and convenient transportation system that meets our vital national interests and enhances the quality of life of the American people, today and into the future.
...just doesn't cut it anymore. And no wonder... "You can't have those uppity Californians trying to clean up their own air, now can you? God forbid we allow them to save energy with their own mileage standards. Forget the fact that they already have tougher standards. The EPA screwed up when they gave California it's first exemption from the federal requirements. Another exemption? To raise the standard again? F*CK NO! But how to keep EPA from acting on the Supreme Court's instructions to consider the exemption?"

This is the dilemma for Bu$hCo, and their solution? Instruct the DoT to start an illegal lobbying campaign against California's request. Because, after all, the Supreme Court said 'consider the exemption' not 'grant the exemption'. So if you can get EPA to say "no", the whole mess goes back into the court system for another lengthy trial.

So now that DoT is acting like a public relations firm for Big Auto, perhaps they'd consider the following for their mission statement:
Serve the American auto industry by ensuring a profitable, regulation-free environment where the concerns of states and citizens are kept in check and a transportation system based on the automobile is the only choice for the American people, today and into the future.


So many people and so much money working to deprive the American citizenry of a ecologically and morally clean environment.
It's unfathomable.
well of course it's the second mission statement and it has been for quite a while now. silly humans, silly plantet, why would you expect anything else?
Our new country slogan should be, In nothing can we trust if it has anything to do with this fu*king government.

After the Kyl Lieberman amendment passed today, I'm about ready to just give up.
Seriously. It's looking pretty hopeless out there.
Cogitorex... And that is the key isn't it? The money involved. I know we say it a lot, but how to actually remove the lobbying money from politics?

Liberality... [sigh]. I guess I don't expect anything different. No really, but perhaps the fact that now the shilling for Big Auto is so blatant.
PoP... Good point! Very demoralizing that.

Mary... Grim, grim. Especially when our elected representatives continue to act against the wishes of their constituents.
We've been corporitized..and I don't have a clue HOW we get OUR country back...and well, about the EPA, don't get me started....
This type of mentality is the epitomy of BushCo and the Republican Party.
Why is it that the people come last in every decision that the government makes. They seem to favor always the corporation, oil industries and the rich.
Well, they're people and the rest of us aren't, just cogs in the machine, and it starts so early with education. Everything now is geared towards profit, what high school preps courses and college classes you can take to maximize your earning potential, i.e. how much loot you can make for the CEO. Where's the philosophy, the language, the humanities? Not that that'll fix everything because the structure itself is rotten, but it'll all about PROFIT and rarely about LIFE.
E4E... Politicizing the EPA is huge f*cking tragedy. Of all the federal agencies where an non-partisan approach is required...

PoliShifter... But when...oh when...will they reap what they sow? Never! As long as the Democrats keep acting like Republicans.
Let's Talk... An excellent question, especially when you consider that the only reason corporations enjoy any 'rights' at all is through existing case law. The Constitution says nothing about corporations. So...from the standpoint of an entity that enjoys rights, corporations don't freakin' exist.

Randal... I think that the desire (perspective?) that there is more to life than maximizing one's earning potential only comes later--really when you sense that your time on this earth is getting short.
I don't doubt that you're correct (and I experience that myself...appreciating things more, etc, etc) but the system itself is designed to shape those who do not do that. Everything is for the benefit of the bottom line, the bullshit about a rising tide. I'm all for making a buck to pay the bills and enjoy material goods (see, wingnuts, we like having shit - just try and take my CD collection, fucker!) but that case law that you cited, where corporations suddenly are treated as human beings, has unfortunately taken on the notion that it's a bedrock principle of the nation, of the world. Which is kind of getting a bit meta, so I'll stop right here lest we get too far off track. :)

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