Around here, when you say 'coffee', you mean 'Peet's'.

Oddly, I made it all the way through college without ever touching coffee, but at my first job I quickly discovered that, in order to get through those interminable afternoon meetings, one needed a pick-me-up. And thus I made the acquaintance of that nasty black-sludge that used to masquerade as coffee in offices across America. Fortunately the 'real' coffee revolution was only a few years off, and soon one could obtain decent coffee just about anywhere you turned.

But here in San Francisco, when you say Coffee, what you really mean is Peet's Coffee. Oh sure, there have been others. Spinelli's (acquired by Tully's and rebranded); Tully's (eventually shut down most of their Bay Area stores); Pasqua's (acquired by Starbucks...and then shut down). But through it all, there has always been Peet's. Who do you think taught Starbucks' founders how to roast coffee? Alfred Peet.

Alfred Peet passed away Wednesday at his home in Ashland, Oregon. He was 87.

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I know, I needed a moment when I heard this news, too.
I've never had Tully's coffee... however I do remember the ad they used to have a Pac Bell Park...
I didn't hear about him passing away. I knew that Peet and Starbuck were partners way back when. I guess Starbuck was a better businessman and Peet made better coffee. Their store in Berkeley, at Walnut Square, had the most fantastic coffee I've ever had.

Who Hijacked Our Country
I'm going to honor him with a double machiato the next time I"m in my neighborhood store. Care to meet me there?
I don't know anything abut Peets Coffee, however I drink at least a pot of coffee a day.

Can't get by without it, so I guess I'm addicted to coffee.

God Bless.
Catherine, Tom... I was always surprised at the slow pace at which Peet's expanded, but hey...quality over quantity.

Crackpot... Tully's was not that great IMHO. Now Spinelli's was a real loss--coffee as good as Peet's and outstanding cookies.
Windspike... Where's your neighborhood store? I'm free all weekend.

AnonP... The beauty of Peet's is...you can mail order their coffee! Peets.com.
Never heard of Peet's. If I'm up that way I'll have to check it out or buy some online.
I never drink percolated/drip coffee- whatever its called. I only drink instant and it has to be "Taster's Choice". But hey, what do I know out here in Appalachia? :)
I buy it sometimes, but it's only available in a few of the Groceries 'round here. I even checked out their background, along with a bunch o' others, while trying to decipher the ol' "organic" and "best practices" and "sustainable growth" claims.

Good company, which means, Good Guy. He'll be missed, I'm sure.
Sorry...Kvatch. I had to take care of the kids and didn't make it to the store. I usually hit the one on Market, near Noe/16th, right next to Baghdad...perhaps we aught arrange a meeting. Send me a message the old fashioned way...by email.

Blog on my friend.
Polishifter... Peet's is a delight, one of the best things about living in Sodom by the Sea. Mail-order some of that coffee immediately.

Chuck... Mmmmmm... [gak!] Coffee should not come in crystals. That's reserved for Pixie-sticks and Crystal Light.
Michael... He will indeed!

WS... Totally understandable. I get up to the Peet's at Market and Noe occasionally. I'll shoot you an email next time I'm in the neighborhood.
Excellent. I usually pop on over when I'm down a quart or short on fresh roasted beans at home.

Which is your local peets?

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