Whatever You've Got To Tell Yourself, Karl


Personally, I cannot imagine ANYBODY bearing ANY of Karl Rove's children, ever, HA HAA HAA HAAA HAA, so the thought of him having a family still makes my head ache.

So, I kind of believe that it is the Fred Thompson thing.
Where Uncle Karl lands in his next gig is going to be very, very interesting. Will it be the kiss of death, or the breath of life?

No doubt, his family knows the real truth about his desires to spend time with them....as his actions would indicate over the past14 or 15 years...
Lola... I don't even want to go there. Eeeeewwwww!

Windspike... Not 20 minutes after I put up this post, Raw Story reported that the Nutsphere is speculating that it is Thompson's campaign that will absorb Rove.
Wait! Karl Rove has a family?! Are they the Hatfields or the McCoys?
I'm glad that he will be out of the WH! But, who is replacing him?
They make such an adorable couple. If, of course, by adorable you mean HAND ME A BARF BAG _NOW_!! ;)
Fashiongirl... You know that's just what I thought. Like Michelle Malkin, you have to wonder who would marry them.

Suzie-Q... That's a very, very good question.

John... Is that picture just precious or what? Fred's thinking, "I'm the luckiest candidate in the whole, entire world...forever!"
Please, tell me no! And you can be sure that the media will eat it up if Rove goes to Thompson's campaign. He'll be completely rehabilitated, and Fred will be crowned as the nominee well before February.
That picture is freaking me out, man.
Kathy... I fear you are correct. To quote Fred Thompson the actor, "This will get out of hand, and we'll be lucky to live through it."

That picture is freaking me out, man.

Lizzy... Then my work here is done. ;-)

But seriously, it's a paste-up of a paste-up. The picture I Photoshopped was of Rove "kissing" Bush, but Thompson just fit right in.
Only Der Fuhrer knows where KKKRove will go.

God Bless.
Kvatch, will you promise to stop him coming to Australia, please. We've got enough evil people here already!

Like a creepy uncle, he will be remembered.
I think the days of Rove running a campaing is over for now. It would spell doom for any candiate to associate with anyone from the present White House.
I agree with LT. The GOP might want to wait and bring Karl back out of the closet when Jebus Bush runs in 2012. Hmmm, 2012... isn't that supposed to be the year things come to an end, according to the Mayan calendar?

And ewwwwww, that picture makes them look like they're going to start kissing at any second. Nice one!
While I wouldn't be surprised in Snave & LT turn out to be correct, I kinda think Turb Blossom is gonna be someone else's "Shepherd" for '08.

I'd just heard 'twould be Mit'ney's.

Perhaps he'll wait until the herd thins out a bit. Regardless, he'll be employed by someone, then we'll get amplified versions of:

"Senator Clinton, how long have you been a lesbian murderer at the beck and call of lobbyists?"

"Senator Obama, why is your blackness a detriment?"

"Senator Edwards, being so rich, why do you hate poor people?"
AnonP... Hell? The Bunker?

Daniel... OMG! I didn't even think of that. If Let's Talk and Snave are correct, then it's John Howard's campaign for sure. ;-)

Aaron... Do you mean in the, "Honey, show us on the dolly where the bad man touched you..." way?
Let's Talk, Snave... Well they don't have to put Rove right up front. Though no matter where he goes the MSM will follow, I suppose.

Michael... Mitt, huh? Maybe after Thompson enters the race and shakes things up a bit?
Randal... Welcome to Blognonymous.

"Senator Obama, why is your blackness a detriment?"

Or on his own side:

"Governor Romney, does the fact that you had 4 'Grannies' explain your lack of intelligence?"

"Rep. Paul, why should people vote for a man whose base of support is mainly Internet pedophiles?"
Man, Fred Thompson looks like shit.
Kiss, kiss. Another love at first sight story.
Comandante... You think that man's ugly rictus is going to be a liability in the campaign?

Pursey... A match that could only have been made in some neocon heaven.
Karl Rove Genius - A Dilema for Republican Parents
Whatever do arch Republicans teach their children if they equate a modality of choreographed synchronistic lying as genius.
If they so exalt lock-step power point lying as a preferred methodology to win and keep personal power, to what end would they teach their children that lying in pursuit of gain is inappropriate behavior?

Labels: genius, karl rove, lying, mendacity as GOP methodology, propaganda

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