PT Cruiser Blogs His Last

Our very own San Francisco 'Freeway Blogger', PT Cruiser, has decided to retire.
So stop by his place and tell him
to knock off all this retirement
nonsen--I mean...wish him well.

We're gonna miss you PT!


I'll go over and see what's said, but what's up with the left blogosphere (I hate that word) dropping like flies lately? Or is it that, for some reason, I'm just more in tune than usual and that this is "normal"?

Thanks for the heads up Kvatch.
ohhhh this is sooo depressing,,,,I will go over though....Kvatch also- I know you think that I think you are a Technological wizard ...so I have to tell you on Crooks And Liars there is a post up and they need help with Mysgal ( or something like that ???) and I thought of you...and they are WILLING TO PAY.....go check it out....okay?
Chuck... Seems there may be a statute of limitations, perhaps a 'freshness date' on left-wing bloggers.

Enigma... I'll check it out. They're probably referring to MySQL.
This is an epidemic. Just have to blog more I guess.
I think the major problem is a lot of bloggers suffer from blog fatigue and quit cold turkey. Instead, they need to just step away for a few days and let their head clear. I ought to know, I've done it two or three times now - once for almost a whole week!
This is an epidemic.

SA... Damn I hope not. I mean, shouldn't we be able to guilt PT into rejoining the blogging community?

Sheri... Welcome to Blognonymous.

Hey even the frog gets tired. The Station Agent and a few other great bloggers filled in for me when I took a month off earlier this year.
Thanks for the post, Froggy. That was very cool. You're my favorite amphibian blogger.

And who knows what the future may bring? I might just get a wild hair up my ass one day and start hitting the keyboard again.
Oops. Froggy, I forgot to log Sheri out and log me in. Sheri is going to be surprised she wrote that and wonder if she's having blackouts. LOL
PT... You're very welcome, and here's to hoping that you get the blogging bug again soon.

Robert! You tease! And here I was thinking that Blognonymous had acquired another fan.
Of course, I'd rather have PT around. It's just that so many good ones have hit the road you hate to see another one go.
Yikes. I've been flat out posting to five blogs and don't get around like I used to. I'm so sorry to see so many bloggers I enjoy dropping out of Blogtopia. But I always hope they can't kick the habit. I've known many who have failed and come back so these are the times I hope for failure.

Shocking to hear about Mary. If she's reading blogs, I wish her all the best. I always enjoyed her comments whereever I found them.

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