Kvatch's Kocktail Hour - Tooty-sans-Fruity

It's Friday and time once again for Kvatch's Kocktail Hour. This afternoon we honor our favorite Senator, Larry Craig, who seems a little confused about what kinds of drinks he likes:


- 2 oz. rum
- 3 squirts of Tabasco
- Crushed ice

Blend, garnish with a strawberry, serve, and then deny that you like "fruity drinks".

Also check out The Harvey Stallbanger at The Unruly Mob.


Congratulations on the Blog World Report Awards, Kvatch! :)
You blokes have too much free time on your hads. But I love the Harvey Stallbanger.
Hey Chuck...congrats to you as well.

Cartledge... Glad you enjoyed it. I hadn't done a "Kocktail Hour" in a couple of weeks, but just couldn't resist getting my digs on Larry Craig.

The man's in his 60s for Pete's sake. You'd think he could keep in it his trousers or, at the very least, be discreet and use in-call.
Senator Craig facedown in the whipped cream again. It must be Friday.
Congratulations on the Blog World Report Awards, Kvatch! :)

I second that. And don't forget to drink this with a wide stance.
I tried this in the Men's Room at Griffith Park.

Can frogs HAVE a wide stance?

Just askin'.
Congrats on your award! ;)

I'll drink to Craig's resignation! hehe
Fashiongirl... When it comes to a guy like Craig, you can't have too little whipped cream!

Randal, Suzie-Q... W.R.T. the BWR awards: Thanks! Nobody was more surprised than I.
Crackpot... Hey! Glad I could be of assistance. ;-)

Lynn... We frogs prefer to simply change sexes when we get those "restroom" thoughts. It's a hermaphrodite thing.

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