Google Moon View (Beta)

We beat the Russians in the '60s,
and you-know-who will probably beat China in the '00s

(Thanks to the Station Agent for the inspiration.)

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That is not a moon! It is just a cheap little planetoid created in the Google Universe Labs to look like a moon.
Even JFK did better than that, and he only had Earth to work with.
LOL at cartledge's comment.
Cartledge... Nothing coming out of a company as rich as Google would be considered "cheap". If Google wanted to put a whole new moon-sized satellite into orbit, they could afford to buy the space dust and gravity to make it happen! ;-)

PoP... Remember that cheesey 70s movie "Capricorn One"?
'skuze me, but the CHIna people sed the moon is a PLAnet.
Thanks, Kvatch. Now we can check out astronauts picking their nose.
Hmmm.... I wonder if we'll get street level views thee too.
Woody... Yeah, just another reason that Google will beat the Chinese to the punch--the People's Republic doesn't really know where it is.

Now we can check out astronauts picking their nose...

Station Agent ...breaking into each other's space ships, jacking each other's rovers, etc...
It will be kinda like looking at the midwest.
Hmmm... Well, at least if Teh Google gets there first, all the inevitable billboards will be relevant to each visitor's individual wants and needs.

Vive le Progre$$!!!

(I mean it. [Somewhat] seriously! {-; )

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