Buddhists Strike Back

This little gem comes under the heading of, "I couldn't make this sh*t up if I tried."

China Bans Buddhist Monks From
Reincarnating Without Permission

- Matthew Philips, Newsweek

So what's next? I humbly submit:

Buddhists Worldwide Respond In Protest
By Refusing To Die

- Kvatch, f-A-ke. P.


Now that's funny. :) But, does that mean that Cheney is a buddhist? I, like most other sane people, have always assumed he was some kind of biomechanical construct.
...always assumed he was some kind of biomechanical construct.

Randal... Do you mean, like this? :-)
Does the DHS know you have that highly classified picture?
I spit my coffee out laughing when I saw this a few days ago.

Your snark, "Buddhists Worldwide Respond In Protest By Refusing To Die" is pure genius.

Emptiness is form, form emptiness.
Be careful where you park your karma, you could run over my dogma.
Randal... I found that picture in the pocket of a guy named Kyle Reese--claimed he was from the future, or some such nonsense. ;-)

Cognitorex... Thanks.

JM... From the Chinese perspective, I think your quote would be more accurately stated:

"Piss me off, and I'll let my dogma crap on your karma!"
i think both parties would benefit if they settled the case between the two reincarnates by having a no-holds-barred wrestling death match.

Hello, Kvatch.
Kinda makes me wonder what the caseload is like at the office handling those requests.
Raffi... Do Buddhists wrestle? I have a hard time picturing it.

...makes me wonder what the caseload is like...

ProgressiveT... Huge I imagine, but they get through it pretty quick. "Denied!" [STAMP]... "Denied!" [STAMP]...
Dharma battles, yes! Wrestling?, not so yes.
LMAO!! May Bush return as a roach!
Cognitorex... Don't know perhaps the combatants would just sit across from each other and assail the other with their level of enlightenment.

Nvisiblewmn... I know, couldn't believe that they'd even attempt something so boneheaded.

TomCat... A roach? You want Bush to come back as Tom DeLay? Oh wait...he's a roach-MAN! AUUUGGGGHHH!
I must confess, I'd pay damn good money to see a headline in the US read:
America bans Christian Zealots from "Theocratting" Without Crucification and Rising from Dead.
Or how about:

"Beijing demands reincarnation of Mao, Trotsky"
They can't keep the lead out of our toys. How the hell do they propose to enforce this?!
Here's a headline you'll never read. At least not that you'd remember.

"Unknown Groups Protest by Refusing to be Born"

With the state of todays' States, I sometimes wish I'd've thought of that one sooner...
Tina... Now that would be something. How about:

"US government requires permission before rising from the dead. Second coming delayed indefinitely."

Mr_Blog... Heh! Perhaps they plan to have a reincarnated Mao challenge the Dali Lama to a grudge match.
Fashiongirl... Perhaps they plan to apply their stupendous quality control procedures:

Panchen Lama: "We've found the new Dalai Lama"

Monk: "But enlightened one, that is a lemur."

Michael... But what happens if you refuse to be born? Isn't that like punishing the soul that would be born into your body?
As a Buddhist I just have to chuckle.

This just shows the ridiculous lengths to which propagandists will go to try and control people.

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