A 7 Continent Day

That's kind of cool--hits from all 7 continents at once. Not sure that's ever happened before. Now if only I could have gotten Antarctica. Where's the Station Agent when you need him?

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Yeah, that's a glitch. For some reason my hits always register as coming from Gainesville, Florida. I blame the government.
For some reason my hits always register as coming from Gainesville, Florida.

Damn man! You didn't get caught on another 'berg did you? ;-)

Mary... I don't get much traffic from Africa or South America, so this was a rarity.
You've got me beat. Very cool.
Congrats! I don't think SiteMeter supports Antarctica on their maps.
Well it is a delight to see my little white spot there. Mind you, a few of the others are a bit suspect.
Lizzy... Naw, come on. Bet you've had several "7 continent" days. I bet we all have. It's just that it's hard to catch Sitemeter at just the right moment.

TomCat... They don't? The Station Agent is getting screwed!

Cartledge... Yup, there you are, but who are those other reprobates?
That is pretty nifty. Congrats.
I've had a few that I wonder about. I even had Riyadh Saudi Arabia one time. Must have been the military seeing if I should be blocked from the troops viewing.

Others include Denmark, Australia, India and even some from what I believe is our government.

Those would be the unknown ISP, Country, Location etc...etc...etc...

Congrats on your lucky 7's.

God Bless.
Oh and before I forget, be careful.

I hear some of those areas you had eat frogs and we would hate to lose you to some damn frog eaters.

God Bless.
Robert... Just one of those things that makes you say, "Damn, I like this blogging thing." :-)

AnonP... I get hits from the Middle East all the time--couple of dozen a day, every day. You know what they're searching on? "Mariah Carey" almost exclusively.

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