Microsoft's Vista - OS or Peeping Tom?

There's a lot of news out of Redmond these days, and most of it is bad...for consumers that is.

It's An OS / It's An Ad-server / It's A Peeping Tom
Check out this patent application. Pretty much turns your operating system into a server of targeted ads. But that's not all. No sir-ee! The sources listed for making ad-serving decisions include: "...user document files, user email, user music files, podcast files, computer status messages, and a profile database storing existing tag data." It other words ALL YOUR PERSONAL FILES! Now that's innovation!

Try Then Buy Before Your Files Die
In order to increase uptake on Office 2007, Microsoft has put in place a "Try Before You Buy" program. The kicker for users is that "trying" Office 2007 will convert any files the program touches to Redmond's new document format, a process from which there is no return unless you get a compatibility pack that allows you to get access to your important documents.

Legal Discovery? Why It's Built In
I'll let this tidbit speak for itself:
Vista—Microsoft’s latest operating system—may prove to be most appropriately named, especially for those seeking evidence of how a computer was used.
Automatic backups, "shadow file copies", detailed system transaction records...a litigator's paradise!

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Every where I turn, there is big brother, trying to look innocent.
I'll stick with XP...
Vista is a waste of money and Microsoft knows it.
Deb... It's bad enough worrying about the government, but when a company like MS takes it upon themselves to compromise one's data...

Suzie-Q... Good idea. Just the Vista EULA by itself is enough to keep me from ever moving to it.

Let's Talk... Ironically, this time around, the customers know it's a waste of money as well.
I have one computer, my main one that is Linux and the other, my laptop is MS XP. Let's see: Linux is free. All the software is free. It never crashes. There are no viruses. And XP, well just reverse the above. The only reason I keep one XP is that I have work projects that have to be in MS format. Curses!
I don't have vista, and apparently I'm too stupid for the Mandrake flavor of Linux that I have on the other side of a partition.
But I WILL cleanse my computing jones from microsoft products, eventually.
Over 90% of computers use some sort of Windoze. If everybody else is doing it, I usually run as fast as I can from it, and in this case, Microsoft be gone!!
Peacechick... I know how you feel. I've got one each (Linux, XP, Mac OSX), but when XP is done, I'm done with Microsoft.

UndeniableL... Mandrake? Eeeeewwww, go for Ubuntu. As for getting rid of MS, OpenOffice.org is the way forward, once it's up to snuff MS is done.
Man, I am SO glad I didn't use that damn trial period for Office 07 on my laptop.

I just deleted it and put my old Office 2000 on. Fark em!
The only Office I want on my computer are clips from nbc.com.
Over a year after purchasing it, I still have trial droppings and residue left on my laptop.
Linux is just not common enough to be "virus-worthy". As soon as enough users jumps to linux, the virus writers will shift. So far, more than 95% users use M$ products, and that's where the proverbial money is.
Dusty... OpenOffice is now in beta for Mac OSX. Given that, I'm probably going to give up on MS Office entirely. I can still save to .doc if I have too.

Lew... That's the spirit!
Aaron... Purchasing which? Office? Vista? Both?

Romunov... Right you are. Mac OSX is in the same boat. As it becomes more popular, malicious code developers will pay more attention.
I love the thought of living in a country where the bandwidth would allow Vista to screw everyone. Australia just beat Slovakia in connectivity speed which probably saves us from the charms of microshaft.
Hello, Kvatch.
Thanks for the heads-up on the file conversion feature.

I'm still having a hard time dealing with it that all my cool Win98 utilities won;t work with XP.

Sometimes, I think I like those utilities better than the OS....
Oooo. "shadow files", eh? Sounds like a movie. Begs the age-old question: "But who is watching the watchers?"
Cartledge... I pay through the nose to get shafted by Microsoft. One of life's simple pleasures.

ProgressiveT... Glad I could help. Seriously though, try OpenOffice you won't regret it.

Neil... I know it sounds hokey, but shadow files are a problem for many OSs and programs. Take Quicken for example. Even though I keep my financial data on an encrypted volume, Quicken places unencrypted backup copies in my home directory, and this is on a Mac!
Kvatch, I use Office 2007. I was a beta tester. Then I downloaded a trial version, when the beta expired. When that expired, I uninstalled it and reinstalled 2000. It converted none of mu old files. When I loaded one, I used the Save as feature to save it in a 2000 compatible format. Also there is a patch (free) from MS for Office 2000, Office XP, and Office 2003 to make them compatible with the new format as well. When I could afford 2007, I bought it. As for Vista, it's crap.
Pretty much turns your operating system into a server of targeted ads.

MS no doubt considers this an upgrade, because it is intentionally designed that way. Whereas on my XP laptop it happens seemingly because MS couldn't design a way to stop it.

Not to let Norton off the hook though. Recently my laptop was repeatedly rebooting on its own because of several viruses which got onto XP despite Norton Antivirus running constantly.

I found the viruses using Super Antispyware. Funny, then Norton piped up and noticed the viruses too. Lazy bastard.

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