A Trio of Internet Regulation Tidbits

Senators Call For Universal Filtering
They've danced around the issue. They've tried to couch it in language that privacy advocates would not find objectionable. But on Wednesday Senators Inouye (D-HI) and Stevens (R-AK) both called for universal Internet filtering and monitoring in their respective committees. And to ensure that they would not be challenged, civil liberties groups were not invited to testify.

Maybe These Guys Could Help...
ISPs and Telcos use 'packet inspection' technologies to help prevent against DoS (Denial of Service) attacks and to comply with government ordered wiretaps. That's nothing new, but a new class of technologies that employ 'deep packet inspection' will soon give the ISPs the ability to shape, delay, block, or record traffic based on content. Want Google to fork over a briefcase full of cash? Stop every email packet destined for Gmail. Decide Senator Inouye is right? Dig through every packet for porn and shunt the data to the Feds.

...And My Taxes To Pay For The Data
Having to get a Federal Court order when you want to examine a broad swath of Internet traffic is a pain for the FBI and a money sink for the ISPs who have to intercept and store the data. But a new program will at least deal with the latter problem by paying the the ISPs and Telcos to gather, store, and categorize all the traffic that law enforcement so desperately wants. Your tax dollars at work.

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bs! though the internet may serve as an avenue for sickos to prey on children or child porn, this just doesn't seem like the proper solution... this especially when using tax dollars as it will be very costly. maybe they can start educating children in grade school about internet dangers and how to be cautious. i would say "sorta like sex.ed" but sex.ed was absolutely useless as it is today. maybe the internet then would have served us better to teach us about sex... sorta like today's kids use it. neo-conservativism can suck it.
Welcome to the virtual police/nanny state ...
RAFFI... There is really not substitute for parenting, and disturbs me that Senators don't seem to get that. Moreover, what do this dimwits think they're going to do about the rest of the world?


Mentarch... Nanny state? Maybe? State of denial seems more appropriate. ;-)
Well I for one am sure happy that our Senators are doing all of the thinking for me.
As an adult, it is SOOOO liberating to only have this responsibility: Pay those taxes to ensure that more govt officials can treat me like a mindless child.
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What do we have here a police State? Are we to pay the government and our service provider for allowing personal information to be used against us.

America the home of the watched, paid for by the watched, for non secrete information, while our top government office folks continue to lie and withhold secrets from the People.
Kvatch, what left of Fidel? You speak just common sense. What worries me more is what we don't know that the Government and corps are doing.
If we only got to actually choose our Big Brothers, instead of using the electoral college, maybe it wouldn't be so...

Nope. Not even then.
Moreover, what do this dimwits think they're going to do about the rest of the world?

I think we should follow North Korea's lead. They're making that isolate and rule thing work for them.
I think we are pretty much screwed. The government is gonna do what they want( supposedly for us) from now on till the whole country is a monarchy again.
Big Brother is emerging from the wings, the thought police are in place, democracy is in a terminal stage! You think I'm joking?

The caged rat to be let loose on my face is already licking its lips.

Cheers from DownUnder.
Everybody calm down. It's Ted Stevens. "Filter" means putting chicken wire over the ends of the series of tubes he was talking about.

Yeah...ol' Ted's got other things to worry about now...he's in a world of hurt like ol' Tom DeLay...well...sort of.
Won't all that monitoring and filtering software clog the tubes? The internet is not a big truck!
And to ensure that they would not be challenged, civil liberties groups were not invited to testify.
Of course not! They don't want anyone to hear the truth and reality of this!
I am not the smartest chick on the block..but this smells rotten what Inoye and Ted "Tubes" Stevens are trying to pull.

I sent you an email thanking you for the rolling blogrolls..didn't you get it? I really do appreciate you steering me in the right direction to find the codes for them :) THanks again!
It would seem there are lots of other avenues available for child predators besides the internet... shopping malls and other crowded areas...? Dark movie theaters...? Kids walking home from school...?

I think Raffi is right, our kids should be educated, in our schools, about the dangers they may encounter online, and parents should be educated about such things too. But then again, if the administration can keep us uninformed on just about all matters, it makes it easier for them to control us with fear... so there is no way they would require that kids be educated about internet dangers. If that was mandatory, and if more kids and parents knew what to avoid, the internet would be less dangerous for kids, and thus it would be harder for the creepazoid politicians to justify their lust to totally regulate it.

Same thing with making sure kids know about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and about how our country was founded and why... There is no way the administration would want to mandate that kids know this material. Polishifter points this out very nicely on his blog "Pissed on Politics": there is a legion of young people out there who since they have been aware of politics have known no president but Bush, and who may tend to not question Bushist ideas. And if they haven't received enough education on how our government system and how it works, that's all the better for the neocons.

I think it's time to write a letter to some elected representatives and suggest that No Child Left Behind include mandated education programs that include internet dangers and adequate knowledge of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Snave stated my opinion clearly.

Three more things. The filtering software parents can install will be far more effective than anything the government can do.

The notion of protecting kids from child pornography doesn't make sense. The purveyors of such materials are not trying to put it into children's view. They are trying to sell it to such people.

Today it may be filtering child porn. Tomorrow it will be filtering criticism.

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