Putting Their Mouths Where The Money Is

So Libby's had his sentence commuted, and now we're all waiting to see if a pardon is in the offing. Though many conservative apologists are latching onto the fact that Libby is still on the hook for $250,000 in fines, the plain fact is that Scotter will never have to pay. The Libby Legal Defense Trust has got convicted felon covered. "How covered?" you might ask...

Well, when it fund raising, these guys are no slackers, but the actual numbers are hard to come by. Rumors were that the goal was $5,000,000--enough dough to cover Libby and 19 other would-be GOP criminals. Even Republican heavy hitter and presidential hopeful/savior Fred Thompson is on the advisory committee, holding a fundraiser at his Virginia home.

Think Libby will get to pocket the change? If so, it's the sort of return on investment most of us could only dream of. All that's required is that you do the President's bidding, take a year off for the trial and conviction, and then wait for the post appeal shenanigans. Simplicity itself.


They must be doing something right. Word on the street is that he's already paid the $250,000 fine. Next up, the book deal and Larry King Live!
Obviously crimes does pay.
Yes fashiongirl is right, he has paid the $250,000 fine.

I don't know what was so harsh for this guy.
He may have gotten off and we all know a pardon will come when Der Fuehrer{Adolph}Bush and Dark Lord Dick{Heinrich Himmler}Cheney leave office.

That is if they ever leave office or we have elections anymore.

However, if I were the Scooter I'd watch my back and make sure I had plenty of bodyguards around me.

I doubt that a burned spy such as a Foreign Asset would take too kindly to having their and lives and there families lives in danger by the very same country your spying for.

If any of those assets get killed because of this I would be very worried if I was Scooter. Muslims believe in Honor Killing and I think this would fall under that as a means for justice denied.

God Bless.
Hi Kvatch. Neil here. Not dead. Just got disgusted about the Dems caving on Iraq a couple months ago and gave up. But I'm back now because some jerk in Thailand stole my name and that pissed me off. My new URL (Thai bastard's got my old one) is: nshakespeare.blogspot.com. As to the 250 G's: oh gosh yeah. I'm sure that was damn hard to come up with. He must have sold his "When the Aspens Clump in Autumn" poems.
Fashiongirl... $250K straight from the Trust, I'd wager.

Lew... Crime pays and villains stay.

Let's Talk... In a word...NOTHING! The dude got off light.
However, if I were the Scooter I'd watch my back and make sure I had plenty of bodyguards around me.

Not to mention making sure that he doesn't accept any invitations to go hunting from Vice President Buckshot.

Neil!!!!! You're back! Bummer about the blog.
I heard tonight that ol' Scoot had paid it out of his own pocket! Doesn't much matter though...that's small potatoes compared to him getting off.

Kvatch...you are right...Neil needs to anti-up on the tags and do 8888 of them to make up for our loss!
It's just too freakin' nauseating... I didn't even want to talk about this with my boss when he brought it up, and I'm always trying to get him to talk a li'l politics. As soon as he mentioned it though, my stomach just sank and I felt sick.

Knowing he won't even pay outta his own pocket just makes it that much worse.

Thanks for the news though, Kvatch. Like it or not, we DO need to know what's really going on. Gawd knows the MSM ain't gonna help with that...
Scooter has always had his own website. On the website, there is a fundraising page. The thing about a fine is that it's supposed to be punishment, not something that can be paid easily, and walked away from - this didn't even hurt they guy.

So, no prison time; piddling fine; and probation no longer an issue - talk about taking a dump on the American Public.
Sumo, Michael... Paid it with a check drawn on his own account...sure, but where did the funds originate? That's my question.

Diva... That website is the Defense Trust as far as I can see. I mean...I have my own website as well, but I don't solicit donations on it to take care of my eventual legal troubles.
There won't ever be a book deal.

That's part of the deal for getting out of Jail Free.

No book deal, no "deep throat" interviews with Bob Woodward.

The price for no jail time and complete pardon in 08 is taking the fall, then silence.
This begs an even better question, don't these people have other better investments for their discretionary dollars? My goodness, what it really reveals is how twisted the values are for people who would toss money at people who don't actually need it. The irony is that Libby apparently already forked over the .25mil from his own wallet.
Sewmouse... He doesn't need a book deal, I think. All taken car of looks like to me.

Windspike... I don't think it's proven that Libby paid himself. Though it did comes from his accounts, who knows the original source of the assets.

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