The Prodigal Bloggers Return

Within the last month two of the three missing bloggers I recently memorialized have returned--Enigma and Neil Shakespeare. (Now if only Rex Kramer would return to blogging...) But as happy as I am to be able to read their excellent posts again, I would be remiss if I didn't mention some other bloggers whose absence is keenly felt:

Betty Cracker
Robot Buddah of The Johnny Sutra
Fatcat Politics
Stephen McArthur of Orwell's Grave
Michael Miller of Informed Dissent

Hope you all are doing well.


Yeah, and you almost left us, but not really - just kinda sorta for awhile.
What I miss more is the occaisional right wing blogger (like Rex, only for real) who might visit our blogs to defend the Bush administration. Where'd they go?
Peacechick... I hate to admit it, but taking off for a bit did me a world of good. What can I say--even need a vacation from blogging now and then.

Lew... You know you're right. About 4 months before the midterms things quited down in the nutsphere.
Thanks for your kind words, Kvatch. Nice to be back.
Thanks Kvatch....I am glad that I returned...and very glad that Neil returned too...I hope the others will return also.....

and yes, I am glad that you returned from your break...

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