Presidential Kwotes


"a sniveling, pulling coward" is a really fantastic series of words, but it cdoes beg the question: Pulling what, exactly? And then things kinda just go black.
I kind of got hung up on the "pulling" thing, too, but SA had a funnier comment than I did, so....

Like that herpes analogy.

HS Scott and I have similar views about Saudi Arabia.
Unscreened questions. That is not fair. Someone may ask a question where 9/11 doesn't make sense as an answer.
Hmmm... Not sure what the Crank meant by that, but that doesn't detract from the dogcatcher part. Though I'm not sure that I'd want many of the 'Thuglican candidates as my dogcatcher.

Nvisiblewmn... I like Scott's 'Herpes' analogy as well--why I picked that one up.

Scott... Good point. I always find myself answering "because of 9/11" when all responses elude me.
RE: Unscreened questions - "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!"
I wouldn't want one of those guys to be elected dogcatcher, either... He or she would probably refuse to catch certain kinds of animals, for religious reasons. If they failed to catch an animal, they would have to spin their failure into some kind of "success", or divert the attention of critics by running around catching animals that never posed problems in the first place.
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Bring in the 'comfy audience'! :-)


"Our failure to catch Doggy bin Laden was due to the defeatist attitude of the Democrats."
Sometimes there is deep beauty in words. Both these quotes are perfect examples.
I have no problem with them catching dawgs, as long as they have to leave cats alone.
OMG! Those are truly the best!
PoP, Peacechick... I know. Both of 'em hit the nail on the head!

TomCat... Upon reconsidering, I think that the only occupation I'd be willing to allow Bush and Co. to do is exterminator, and look at the role model they have?
LOVE that second one!
This post puts me squarely in the, "yeah, what s/he said" camp. Brilliant quotes.

Blog on.
That was actually a typo on my part. Should have been "puling," (one "L") as in "whining, infantine, childish" (Webster's). Sorry about that.
Chuck... The Crank really nailed that one. I think that we need a Constitutional competency test.

Windspike... Indeed!

LC... Corrected. I knew that there was a similarly spelled word that was what you really meant. :-)
"LC... Corrected. I knew that there was a similarly spelled word that was what you really meant."

It actually comes from the French (you knew perfidious Gaul had to be involved, right?) word for chicken, based on the whining crying sounds chickens sometimes make.

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