Pope To Catholics: We're Number 1!!!

The Anglicans are saying there's nothing new under the sun, but it still sucks to be given the big kiss off by a man who looks like Uncle Fester.

With his most recent encyclical, il Papa has basically told members of the Orthodox and Protestant denominations that 1) they're not true Christian churches and 2) they, "...do not have the means of salvation". Yow Benedict! Harsh...very harsh.

Guess all you Baptists, Methodists, Episcopalians, what-have-you's had better not bet the farm on the whole heaven thing. Though, I hear that the Islam might have a deal for you.

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What we need is a winner-take-all wrestling match between the Pope and like, John Hagee, with the winner being declared the one true religion. Sorry Jews and Muslims, you don't count, see you in Hell.
Sweet jebus and pass the communion wafers. What a fine example of tolerance.
This self-centered egotistical pope is probably the worst thing to happen to Catholics since the Spanish Inquisition. He can be up with Bush - The Worst Pope Ever!
At least we all know where we stand now. Somebody had to come out and say it.
As I recall I was the first to say we are all going to hell. He's such a copy cat.

He's a heck of a pope, isn't he?
It's getting harder and harder for me to envision my Catholicism making a comeback. What an embarrassment.
Blah, blah, blah, blah... I've never, ever, understood why anyone would listen to him. And I was raised Catholic. Like Station Agent I don't at envision a comeback for me. Don't even think about it.
Lew... Perhaps when God calls Benedict back to his bosom, the Pope and Falwell could have a duel. Beatitudes at 20 paces?

UndeniableL... Ironically, it's perfectly in character for Benedict, the former head of the modern Inquisition, but still a nasty thing to do.

Peacechick... Funny you should mention the Inquisition (see above). :-)
Pursey... Damn straight! Now we can all stop worrying about the whole salvation thing. ;-)

PoP... And doin' a heck of a job too. In the space of two short years, he's managed to undo all of the good will created by John Paul II toward the Anglican and Orthodox churches.

SA, Mary... Wow, how many lapsed Catholics do we have around here. The Frogette is one as well.
Aaah, there he goes again, being all humbly popish & such. One observation about his observation: who says? When your only proof is that you say it is so, then ya got nuthin, benedick.

ps, when it comes to matters of religion, I am part of the loyal opposition. so much bs, so little time. ~~ D.K.
When I was younger and powerless to stop it, I attended a creepy church I will not name here (although a similar church is mentioned in your blog), and I recall the Sunday school teacher telling me my cousin was going to hell because she married a Catholic. Tit for tat? ("You're going to hell!" "No, you are!" "You are!" "You're it and no tag backs!" Sounds like they're all out squabbling on the playground....)
Well, the Pope sure zeroed in on the most urgent problem facing all of us. Terrorism? Global warming? Hell no. There isn't enough religious strife and tension in the world. We need more hatred and rivalry. Well, he fixed that problem.

Who Hijacked Our Country
D.K... But...but...Benedict is God's vicar on earth. How could you doubt him? ;-)

Nvisiblewmn... You me both. I spent about 5 years in my late teens/early 20s trying to sort out this whole faith thing. Long story short, I didn't find what I was looking for.

And BTW...TAG! You're going to heaven (maybe). No backs!
Well...if my way in the past former religion is still in the back of my mind...the last book of the bible prophesied (their interpretation) that all religion would take a big dump in the popularity meter. So much so that there would be worldwide tribulation. It does seem rather headed that way. But I'm not remotely religious...so I'll just sit back and wait. I figure the Vatican first of all being the largest money generating organization going...has maybe hit a contribution snag at the pulpit...so he needs more followers for the passing of the plate. So if he scares people enough...he'll get some converts. He's terrorizing the populace actually. He should be locked up and given a self flagellating whip to use on himself. Better still...I'd love to wield that thing for him.
Tom... Yeah, Benedict is a peace-maker no doubt. Sheesh!

Sumo... Benedict has got to do something. Catholicism is losing people big time to Evangelicals in South America. As for that self-flagellating whip... I think he already used it, on his face. His mug is positively creepy.
Well if Pope Fester is going to heaven, but Plato is going to Hell, I think I'll be going South. Better company. Am I going to Hell for saying that?
Not religious anymore but I don't ever remember reading the terms "Catholic," "Catholicism," or "Pope," in the Bible. Where do they get this stuff?
Well, nice to see the race to the fourteenth century is still on track.
To be fair, the evangelical religions don't think the Catholic Church is Christian, either. Or the Mormons. So there's plenty to go around. We're still waiting with relish for the day Bill Donohue, who keeps siding with the evangelicals against Teh Gay, gets stabbed in the back by his former evangelical comrades.

Otherwise, I don't really care. They're all full of crap.
If faith resembles a huge ocean liner, the right wingers of all flavors are the ones hiding in the life boat, so they can pretend nobody else is there.
It's getting harder and harder for me to envision my Catholicism making a comeback. What an embarrassment.

I'll echo that statement.
Everybody knows all those Catholics are child rapists anyway! And I don't think that's what Jesus would do!
And certainly don't believe this!
Fashiongirl... In a word, Nope! Everyone but the Catholics get to go to heaven. The Catholics get to go to monster truck rally in Sheboygan.

Tree... Welcome to Blognonymous. I think that the Pope thinks he's a spiritual descendant of Peter, or some such nonsense.

Julie... In short, nobody likes anybody! Guess that's where 'the establishment clause' came from.
TomCat... Hey would you want to have to share heaven with the 'unwashed heathen'? Just saying. :-)

I'll echo that statement.

Me to PT. Oh wait...I never was Catholic. Damn, I feel left out.

Carrie... Harsh my dear! Though, they're certainly reaped the whirlwind on the pedophilia issue.
Dude, I wrote the same headline as you, almost! Sorry about that. Total brain fart. I even read your story first. I'm going to go fix that.
Very retro of His Holiness, aka Ratso. When I was a kid - a time that goes partly to before Vatican II - Catholic kids were afraid to attend other churches for any reason at all. I'm talking about such radical denominations as United Methodist. It doesn't matter much. Catholics don't listen to the Pope unless they want to.
This Pope has crossed the line. It took Pope Johb XXIII to get the church up to par, now this.

I guess the conversion between the Pope and England is off the table now.
Zenyenta... Retro indeed! Like 15th century retro. I'd almost expect him to advocate next for burning heretics at the stake.

I guess the conversion between the Pope and England is off the table now.

Let's Talk... You're probably right, but interestingly it was a representative of the Anglican Communion that called this pronouncement, "...nothing new under the sun." They just questioned the timing.
Bush Applauds Pope’s World Peace Message
George W calls out to Rove and Cheney. "Hey, did you hear what ‘Big Benny’ said?
He said, "if you're not Catholic, you suck."
"Now that’s my kind of Uniter."
Rove chimes in, "Appeal to the base." "Appeal to the base."

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