Let The Confessions Begin!

Oh...so much to write about today. Let's start with some verse for the DC Madam:

The DC Madam's list is out
And those with power now will spout
Confessions honed to stem a rout
That might reduce their cherished clout.

But it's too late. We rush to view
The lurid details--when, and who
Frequented the Madam's crew
And paid her for a tawdry screw.

So let the plaintive whining start
By clueless louts who for their part
Should have been a bit more smart
And kept their hands off Madam's tarts.

...and the BHFRIK adds some mighty couplets of his own.

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"This was a very serious sin in my past for which I am, of course, completely responsible,"

the "plaintive whining start[ed]"
Rumors and whispers, I've heard from many,
Perhaps named on that list is our Veep Darth Cheney
He's known far and wide for being a prick
Can you imagine the price for "massaging" that Dick?!

I'm at work so it's hard coming up with rhymes in between calls... :/
Aaron... Our Senator from LA is only the first in what I'm sure will be a tide.

BHFRIK! Wonderful couplets! You get a link on the post.
I want to hear about Bush, Cheney, Rove, Gonzo, the handcuffs, the whips, the midget and the chicken.
I don't want to hear about any of what tomcat does. I don't even want to think of that vision that would cause certain mental anguish
hehehe... "erotic role playing" my a$$. time for the waterworks and repentance... if we're lucky, maybe a sex addiction problem requiring rehab
the handcuffs, the whips, the midget and the chicken.

Eeeeewwww...Tom! Scott's right. If it involves a chicken, I don't *EVEN* want to know. ;-)

RAFFI... High-priced rehab at a clinic in LA no doubt.
I understand Vitter's wife said she would cut it off, give him a vasectomy. She said that Hilliary, she's not.

It seems that those tht rave the mot about morals seem to have less than a snake.

I have a partial list from 98, 99 and 2000.
I think it is alright to hang out with prostitutes because Jesus did. They were just not casting the first stones, not sleeping with costly temptresses
Hey Kvatch... stop by my place again. I have an update on Vitter. It appears that this is not his first Hooker-Fest. He had an 11 month affair with a French Quarter hooker. And who spilled the beans on that back in the day when it surfaced? His fellow Republicans.
And I agree 100% that hanging out with hookers is A-okay. In fact, most are far more respectable and honest than any politician on any day of the week. But telling everybody that gay marriage is THE SINGLE most important issue facing America today and that gay marriage is THE SINGLE most dangerous thing to hetero marriages when you are married abd out banging hookers is NOT OKAY.
Let's Talk... Ouch! Let me know if anything interesting turns up from the lists! (Like anybody's got the time to go through them except the MSM, of course. :-) ).

Scott... Hangin' out is one thing, but that's not what Vitter was up to, I suspect.
Tina... !!! But, how do you "have an affair" with a hooker? Always seemed to me like a business arrangement. ;-)

Anyway, Vitter's a schnook.
I wonder if anyone will ask him if his wife cut it off ala Bobbet.

God Bless.
Kvatch, I sure could use some help, so if anyone would like to help go through them I will be more than glad to attach them to an e-mail.
AnonP... Oh to be there when it happens!

Let's Talk... Uh, you know I'd really like to help with that, but I think that I've got to go and grout my tiles. ;-)
You would prefer I replaced the chicken with a frog? ;-)

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