Kvatch's Kocktail Hour - The Gonzo Martini

It's been a bad week for Georgie and the GOP. From the DC Madam to executive privilege, our friends across the aisle are behaving like they've been backed into a corner. But at Blognonymous we say: "No hard feelings guys. It's Friday! Let's all lift one together,":

The Gonzo Martini (at right):

- 1 part everclear
- 5 parts Jose Cuervo gin

One sip of this baby, and you won't remember what you said yesterday much less six months ago.

More drinks at The Unruly Mob and If I Ran The Zoo.


I do hope, dear froggy, that you only serve up the vodka to errant politicos. I'm sure a sophisticated amphibian would much prefer a gin base.
Ah Cartledge... Right you are.

Though this frog drinks vodka martinis, I already published a vodka drink at If I Ran the Zoo. So in deference to your well considered opinion, I've changed the recipe on the Gonzo Martini to include the very best Jose Cuervo gin. ;-)

(I do however drink the occasional Tanqueray martini.)
I'll toast to that! hehe

What are they drinking down at the whorehouse these days?
What are they drinking down at the whorehouse these days?

Tartinis! ;-)

Suzie-Q: Cheers! [glug]
Kvatch, I know that the world is not a nice place but surely the answer is not to turn all humans into alcoholics?

On second thoughts...
I'm too lazy to figure out who the olive or onion is?
Daniel... Well, how about just the Republicans? ;-)

Peacechick... Indeed!

Dave... Damn man, that's lazy! Just click the picture and get the "BIG" version. It's Abu Gonzales--hence the name, "The Gonzo Martini".
I'd need about five of these to get on that damn Airbus 380 (from an earlier post) and I stopped drinking years ago...

Gin always made me a mean SOB...
The "Goin' for Broke" :
Mix equal parts --
lies, hubris, oil, self-righteousness, disdain, disregard, incompetence.
Add a liberal dollop of stone-cold insanity.
Serve on monopoly money coasters.
Pour down american throats until they gag.

Warning: Oil and Alcohol don't mix.
Side Effects may include violent revolution. ~~ D.K.
I stopped drinking years ago...

Culture Ghost... You stopped drinking--STOPPED...drinking? No, you went insane, that's what you did. ;-)

D.K... That's the recipe for a really nasty cocktail! :-)
Kvatch, I know I've had more than my share. Too bad we can't pay the tab with monopoly money. Maybe I should go with with a micro-brew. We have a local one here in UT called "Polygamist Porter" (tagline: why have just one?) ~~ D.K.
Cheers. : )
I love d.k. raed's recipe...seems like the whole country drank it at one point.

kvatch: When I drink, there is a slightly unfortunate side effect: I turn into a werewolf.

Actually I was a Stage IV alcoholic at age 30 when I quit drinking. I even had an enlarged liver. My last four years of drinking were in San Francisco (damn, it was a good drinking town!!!). At best I am an unpredictable drunk-at worst I am a liability to society.

Trust me, over the last six or so years I have often said, "I got sober for THIS?"
hi that looks like a tasty cocktail
one sip and i forget everything? gimme a gallon then
i had some pills yesterday and got in one hell of a state ... well you can read that chez moi if you want to
i've officially put you on my linxx now so congrats!!
all the v best 2u
D.K... I love porters and stouts. In fact when it comes to ales and lagers, if I can see through it, I usually won't drink it. If I'm ever in Utah again, I'm definitely looking for the 'Polygamist Porter'!

Lizzy... Right back at ya!
CultureGhost... You know I probably shouldn't have made light of your alcoholism. I know it's no laughing matter. So...sorry 'bout that.

Though, you're right, San Francisco is a great drinking town. I allow myself one night a year to get really hammered and that's the annual Barley Wine Festival. Usually walk home on my face that night.

Mary... :-).

Gledwood... Thanks for adding Blognonymous, I'll reciprocate in a few minutes.
kvatch...absolutely no offense taken (how were you to know?) and besides I make light of my alcoholism...so it should be fair game...I only get serious about it if I'm heading towards a drink and that's been many years since that was even an issue. No, I was a crazy-ass drunk and some of it was very laughable. Some of my stories are 1) stupid 2) idiotic 3)very funny...hell, if I hadn't been such a miserable drunk I might have been Arthur, but it didn't work out that way.

God, I had some good drunks in San Francisco (I lived in the Inner Richmond District).
Be safe and here's to you.
CultureGhost... I have two close friends who are recovering alcoholics. So I've had an opportunity to view that struggle close up. I, on the other hand, am somewhat fortunate in that I never drink for effect, only for taste and one stiff drink has the affect of giving me major munchies, and if I don't get fed, putting me to sleep. Insulates me from over-imbibing.

Let's Talk... Thanks! Don't have a Bloody Mary handy (it is Sunday morning after all) but if I did, I'd raise it. ;-)
Great photo.

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