Kvatch Konsiders: Impeachment Baby Steps

Suzie-Q turns us on to the fact that the House Judiciary Committee is going to begin impeachment proceedings against the Attorney General. And not a moment too soon, since there appears to be nobody on the Republican side of the aisle that will stand up to defend Gonzales:
By the way, we invited White House officials and Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee to defend Attorney General Gonzales ...We had no takers.

-- Chris Wallace, Fox News Sunday
Hey…Gonzales is a cabinet level officer. I'll admit that impeaching him may not be as satisfying as going after Cheney. But…you know…baby steps!

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It'll be a little slice of that Peach Pie we've been craving.
It's a start but the Democrats just don't have enough of a majority and the lemmings are staying in the party lines of their lords and masters regardless.

If that weren't the case we would have been rid of PNAC's puppets by now. Bottom line- it's the REPUBLICANS that are a hindrance to rebuilding this country. Just saying.
Back to nature, pick off the weak ones, the stragglers first. I can go with that.
Gonzales has always seemed out of his depth, an obvious first target. No point attacking when you know you can't win.
This guy needs to be gone anyway possible. I hope they can get the votes to get him out.
Peacechick... I think I spoke too soon. Looks like it's a motion to being proceedings--nothing really started yet.

Chuck... It's a good point. Is the threshold for articles of impeachment 2/3? 3/5?
Cartledge... Indeed, law of the jungle, but Gonzales is so damn weak. I'd say the only thing keeping him in office is that he's Bush's man. So much so that he seems unable to do the job of the AG. He still acts like the White House Counsel.

Let's Talk... We'll soon see where this goes...if anywhere. Gonzo certainly seems to be sticking where he is despite all his problems.
Bush will protect him...you know...use the King thing to get him off...as Kings are wont to do sometimes.
Let's get the ball rolling!!
Sumo... Read on another blog that the reason Bush was sticking with Gonzo was to keep him there until Congress goes into recess. Then...BANG...fire him and make a recess appointment.

Let's get the ball rolling!!

Or stated more succinctly... "Let's roll!"
Something, anything, just show some action and get going now!
Does Gonzo know he's lying?
To be a brilliant lawyer, or a brilliant mind requires parsing nuances in an intricate web of logic, sort of like a chess player seeing several moves ahead.
I frankly don't think Gonzo has this kind of mind.
Also, if he ever did have abundant perspicacity, imagine the effect of spending years around the W' who eschews acutely competent aides and reduces complex planet consequential events to aw shucks and ayups.
Also, like Scooter, Gonzo has spent years now around the likes of W', Rove and Cheney where truth has been reduced to a discussion point anathematical by its nature to their causes.
If these guys had consciences and knew when they were lying, they would all probably have developed spastic tics by now.
I'd say "God help them, they know not what they do" but then children would stare and shun me to see my ears twirl and hear low exorcistical moaning erupting from my viscera d'veritude.
Well, yes, it would be a start. I can just imagine his trial...
This is an impeachment I can get behind. Although I don't think there is enough time to adequately get the President or VP and doubt they would ever resign for the sake of the country, I also think they would throw the AG overboard to save themselves. And I think confirmation hearings for the next AG would make for great television
Gonzo must go and impeachment seems to be the only way it will happen!
PoP, Diva... I'd be happy to see some hearings on the issue. Might force Gonzo to resign before a trial.

Cognitorex... Hmmm...not so sure. I believe that Gonzo is exactly the same as the impression he gives: Bush's man to the core. Does that mean that he's smart or dumb, not sure. He certainly seems to know on which side his bread is buttered.
Scott... They probably will throw Gonzo overboard eventually, but not before Congress goes on vacation so that they can install someone just as loyal, just as dogmatic without getting Congress' say so.

Suzie-Q... Indeed. He must go. Will it require an impeachment? Not so sure. As I said to Scott, I think that Bu$hCo will eventually toss him to the dogs.
Cheney is a callous heartless bastard...and he still supports Gonzales...Birds of a feather...

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