In the East Bay, Discrimination Stinks...Literally

OK, so it doesn't rank up there with decades of disenfranchisement for blacks and women, but watching your garbage pile up just because you live in a poor neighborhood still sucks. Especially when you have the San Francisco Chronicle to tell you that your well-to-do neighbors' garbage IS getting picked up despite a union lock out by Waste Management, the disposal company that holds most of the East Bay contracts.

It went down like this... On July 2nd, 3 days after their contract expired with the local Teamsters, Waste Management locked out their workers in anticipation of a strike. Since then talks have broken down, as have collection schedules--though apparently in some neighborhoods' the schedules are more broke than in others. Some East Bay residents claim they haven't seen a truck since the strike began. In fact, With no talks scheduled and the garbage piling, the City of Oakland has had to resort to suing Waste Management to get them and the Teamsters to agree to a 'cooling-off period.

But regardless of whether or not the garbage gets picked up in a timely fashion, residents of East Oakland aren't paying any less for their service than their well-heeled neighbors, so where does Waste Management come off ignoring the poor?

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I live on the border between a crappy neighborhood and a pretty nice one in Oakland. My trash got picked up on Tuesday, as scheduled, but there was a lot more than usual in the bins, I noticed.

Anyway, I guess I actually *do* live in a nice neighborhood.

I saw that same article in the paper today. It pisses me off that poor people (a group with which I strongly identify, btw) in this country continue to get the shaft.
As Barbara Bush would say, Well, it's OK because the poor, you know, are used to having garbage around. Of course, Barbara spawned the biggest garbage.
I'll bet my next paycheck the union workers will get the majority of the blame for all this. After all, union workers make enough money already. Why are they so greedy? The garbage company itself is barely making ends meet.
Mags... I just don't understand how Waste Management is getting away with this. The spokesdrone just deflected the question. Sucks!

Peacechick... Barbara probably has garbage in her Kennebuncport neighborhood, but it's known as George Sr.

PTCruiser... You may be right, but at least Oakland sued Waste Management and not the Teamsters.
Whelp friend...
I lived down the coast from you 2 years ago...and WM was down there too- and I lived in an area that didn't get picked up- yet Pebble Beach and Carmel- yup no prob....How do they get away with this , I have no idea but it happened down there- in 2004( I think...) but it is wrong...I could mail you NosePins if you want....Hang in there....
The answer's pretty obvious. Th elites are already on the company's side, hence the trash pick-ups. But a couple of weeks of wallowing in their own filth during the hottest time of year will soon turn even those most sympathetic to the union to the dark side of the corporation.
E4E... Waste Management seems to be living up to their namesake, just not in a good way.

Lew... I'm hoping that Oakland's suit will get them to the table to hammer this out. Seems like it should be a major violation of WM's contract.
Two times this week, some crap has blown out of a Waste Management truck and smacked my car (fortunately, they were soft items, like a cardboard box). Anyway, I'm thinking they are NOT managing their waste very well!

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