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So I've been tagged with this meme a few times (Ahab and Fashiongirl, at least), and I figured that it's time that I got on it. So here are 7 random facts about me:

1) I have an unnatural ability to guess and estimate. Work or personal life...doesn't matter. I can tell you how much you paid for that dress. I can tell you how long that project will take.

2) I don't freeze up during public speaking. 10 or 10,000...irrelevant. I just go into 'presentation mode'.

3) I'm an obsessive "law-abider". I only cross with the light. I pay for the music I download. I don't use software I don't own. Hell I won't even use software my employers don't own.

4) That said, I challenge authority all the time even when there's no need.

5) I'm a weeper--movies, music, books--and it's getting worse as I get older.

6) I've never owned a car that I cared about, but I miss the motorcycle that I sold last summer.

7) If my checking account has $0.00 at the end of the month, and all the bills are paid, all the savings tucked away...I WIN!


Okay Kvatch, I need your best guess. My wife is due with our first baby on the 10th. What day is the baby going to come?
Awww...you're a sensitive little frog. Chicks love that.

BTW: How much did I pay for these shoes? ;-)
thought you were describing me-just needed the word strange to be my profile. haha your ok tho wish more had your standards
Captain... The 14th, but I take no responsibility if they induce.

Fashiongirl... The shoes? Too much. ;-)

Robert... "Strange", "Bizarre", "Unstable"... all words that have been used to describe me. :-)
Hello, Kvatch.
Trying to tie all these traits together. It would go something like--

The weepy estimation of the lawful presentation of a zero balance questioning the authority of uncared-for transportation.
Very idiosyncratic.

Cool list.
I think it's actually eight facts, not seven. :)

But whatevs.

I really envy your ability to estimate. I always go over! A little too generous, I guess.
5) I'm a weeper--movies, music, books--and it's getting worse as I get older.
I thought it was just me. I can't even watch Elf any more with out my kids teasing me for it.
But it's not even movies, if I hear a song that I know my kids will enjoy, I get all choked up. I hope it's not getting worse.
Your comment on theocracy. It is the second. Maybe they plan on making it a regular thing? No problem for me; it's one of my pet issues.
By the way-its good to have a little snark from you here lately!
An honest frog! Imagine that! :)

Kudos for your honesty! ;)
ProgressiveT... That's almost zen, but most people would put me about as far from zen as you can get. ;-)

Mags... Perhaps. Think the Fashiongirl got tagged with seven. Ahab with eight.

Lew... Good music is guaranteed to turn on the spigot. Did a post about that once. But where movies are concerned. There's one weepy scene in each Pixar film, and I'm a huge fan.
Robert... My pleasure to be back.

Suzie-Q... All frogs are honest. ;-) Don't have enough brain cells for deception.
I thought I put a comment on this post, however I don't see it now. Or was I just imagining I did?

God Bless.
I'm so with you on # 3!
As for #3, didn't you say once you had a fear of cars? Or, cars driven by dumbarses?

I have a "presentation mode," too.
I have never been able to speak in public. It's about my greatest fear. It keeps me from doing a few things that I otherwise would have.
Frog, I don't get it about the checkbook. What if you forgot about the check that you wrote to support that anti-neocon candidate? or that new pair of shoes?
Sumo... Strange, huh? How following the rules can make you obsessive.

Nvisiblewmn... Not so much a fear of cars--it's not like I'm afraid to drive--just a fear of the idiot 'cagers' who inhabit my city.
Mary... I don't know why I'm able to do it, probably just fortunate. Though, I certainly don't lack for phobias. Small boats, drowning, the open ocean, tides rank huge for me.

DivaJood... The short answer is: I never, ever forget about a check. They're noted, dated, and in my register before I write them. Everything else goes on credit. In other words, where money is concerned, I never get surprised. How's that for anal? ;-)
Kvatch, thanks for playing along! I'm behind on my blogs, so I just now came across your responses.

My reaction? You are one very complex dude/frog!

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