The Frog Adds One

Since first responding to this meme, not only have I been tagged twice more (by Lola Heatherton and Snave), but the number of random facts you're supposed to list about yourself has increased by one. So on 7/7/07, it seems fitting that I should add an eighth item to my list:

8) I'm really, Really, REALLY afraid of open water. My idea of the worst death imaginable is drowning. I won't swim in anything larger than a pool. I won't go on any boat smaller than a large ferry. I can't stand being out of sight of land. Hell...I don't even like flying over the open ocean.

Pretty ironic for a frog...wouldn't you say? And in case you missed the original seven, here they are.


Even more ironic given your habitat....surrounded on three sides by large expanses of water.
I definitely have a healthy respect for water. I too think that would be the worst way to go.
You do know how to float, right? Of course, some people just don't float - not enough body fat. Some of us, however, hover above the water.
I have the same fear. I don't like to be in water that's over my head.
Yeah. Drowning totally sucks.
hi kvatch! i used to have a pet frog about as big as the one you pictured (ie tiny) he was not poisonous though. he lived in an aquarium with my fishies. i could only have tiny minnow-sized fishies bc of him. i've kept trying to find out what type of frog he was but have found out little except he is an aquatic frog (ie never needs to come out of the water at all) he was fully grown at less than half an inch long ... he was dark green all over and appeared black from a distance ... so cute ... but unfortunately died when someone else looked after my fish when i was in hospital ... so typical but let's not dwell on this ... i'm pretty scared of DEEP water ... i cannot explain why i find it so terrifying ... i even managed to spook myself about this in the BATH as a kid ..! seriously!
was just passing via a friend of a friend of yours .... actually via Raffi's blog, who you know ...
have i been here before and said hi? my memory is so bad ... it would not surprise me if i have ...
well feel free to drop by mine if you've not done so already ... see you there hopefully ... & all the best to you ... from ... Gledwood ... "vol 2" ...
Yep, those are all interesting... :)
my thing is murky water, water that you can't see what's on the bottom. I conjure up all kinds of yucky oozing things. I don't think drowning would be the worst way to go, though. For me, that'd be fire. ~~ D.K.
WS... Don't I know it. I won't even cross the bay unless the boat is big enough and I can see the survival gear.

Mary, Nvisiblewmn... With me it's the roughness of the sea/ocean/lake combined with being out of sight of land. I don't mind not touching bottom, just don't like the idea of waves...and the 'open ocean' thing.
Peacechick... You can hover?! Can you teach me that?

Mags... Indeed!

Gledwood... Don't think you've been by Blognonymous before. So...welcome!
Suzie-Q, D.K... I think my phobia probably has to do with almost drowning as a child. I was late learning how to swim and am not a strong swimmer.
hey frog....
I'm like you, don't know how too swim and I don't float very well either. That is if you consider sinking like a rock floating.

God Bless.
with you on the open water for sure
AnonP... Well I do know how to swim, but I place it right up there with soccer for exhaustion potential. ;-)

Chuck... I can't even go to see movies that have the ocean and a major factor. The Perfect Storm scared the crap out of me--gave me nightmares for weeks, and don't even get me started by that Discover show The Deadliest Catch.
Not unusual at all, for a frog. Frogs usually confer with smallish bodies of water, or their banks. They do however wade into deeper waters once the winter sets in. Also, they don't cross salt water (their skin is not resistant to dessication by salination (what a rhyme, even if faulty).

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