Executive Privilege - The Road To A Permanent Republican Minority

On the subject of administration's role (or lack thereof) in the political motivated firings of 9 federal prosecutors, Bu$hCo has basically told the House and Senate Judiciary Committee to f*ck off. In fact, by failing to provide an assertion of executive privilege by the President himself and by refusing to supply the customary list of withheld materials, the administration has gone further than their predecessors in telling Congress where to stick it. Want to guess what will happen with the Senate Judiciary Committee's subpoenas for documents about Bu$hCo's illegal wiretapping program? Yup. Executive privilege once again!

Senator Leahy and Rep. Conyers are prepared to issue criminal Contempt of Congress charges. Though ultimately it won't do any good. That's not to say that a court case wouldn't be valuable, but the DoJ has the responsibility to prosecute such a case, and Gonzales won't. On the other hand, if the Democrats have the stones, executive privilege can be used as bludgeon to turn the GOP into a minority party...permanently!

How? In short the electorate needs to be reminded every god-damned day about Bu$hCo's willingness to use any means to keep illegal activities safe from scrutiny. Senators who refuse to support Contempt of Congress charges need to be targeted for defeat as 'co-conspirators'. When Giuliani whines about how his administration will be different, he needs to be shouted down with the words, "That's what Bush said!" Republican candidates from Schwarzenegger to the lowest state official need to be lashed to GOP criminality like a narc to an anchor.

Remember...if the situation were reversed, Republicans wouldn't hesitate.


Another great idea that the sheeples who supposedly represent us will ignore.

Wasn't that a cheerful response? Glad to have you back!
"On the other hand, if the Democrats have the stones"

What are the chances?
Deb... You know some might refer to you as a cynic. Not me, of course... :-)

Mary... I know, I know, but I'm still hopeful.
I did some research on this for this post; Privilege, Schmivelege, and as much as I am a died in the wool pessimist, I'm pretty hopeful on this one.

First, Leahy has precedent in his favor, generated by Nixon's privilege claim. "the Supreme Court ruled in United States v. Nixon that, “where the President asserts only a generalized need for confidentiality, [executive privilege] must yield to the interests of the government and defendants in a criminal prosecution.”"

Second, Leahy seems to be one of the few Dems to see this thing through, and he appears to be relying on the US v. Nixon ruling. His letter to Fred Fielding asks for a specific claim of privilege to made for each document in question, with a backing legal argument.

Third, law professor Jonathan Turley seems confident that "the way Congress can get around the executive privilege in court is to say we are investigating a potential crime."
Sorry, that should be, "Leahy seems to be one of the few Dems with the cajones to see this thing through.
If You haven't learned this by now, for the current batch of executives, it's all about the privilege.

Just ask Libby how he feels about W now....
Well, we can just add the Scooter Libby case to one of the many reasons why the Republicans are for law & order....for the other guy. Fuck them all hard!
Cynical, moi'? I think I blew past that a few days ago. I'm just a raging ball of anger, waiting for people to join me so we can be explosion to rival July 4, 1776.
SadButTrue... I do hope you're right, but with the DoJ having the responsibility to prosecute such a case, couldn't Gonzales et. al. just tie it up for the next two years?

Windspike... You got that right. Just heard about Libby. Mother Puss-bucket!
Lew... You didn't hear, justice doesn't apply to the inner circle. Think that was in a signing statement or something.

Deb... I say save all that anger up for your locality. What happens at the national level is hard to change, but at the local level...let your politicians feel your wrath. I'm making it my personal mission to see Nancy Pelosi go down.

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