Bureau of Inertia

Well dear readers, the Frogette and I are off to an afternoon of drinking with the Barbarians -- (B)ay (AR)ea (B)loggers (A)nd (R)eaders. But before I go let me leave you with a shout out to a blogger who really deserves some of your clicks.

I fancy myself a decent, if not outstanding, satirist, but Mr_Blog is truly a master. Check out his post on the new cabinet level department: The Bureau of Inertia.

It's a treat.

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Thanks, O amphibious one! *bow*
That sounds like a cool group. Have a few drinks for me.

Who Hijacked Our Country
Bureau of inertia. Isn't that just down the hall past the department of redundancy department, directly across from the other department of redundancy department?
Mr_Blog... You're very welcome.

Tom... Indeed they are.

SadButTrue... Actually I think the Bureau of Momentum is across the hall. They're the 'Stay the Course' bunch.

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