BlognonyBITS - Whither Customer Retention

Just made the final break from State Farm,
A company I've been continuously insured with
Since the age of 16. And the reasons were many:
Lousy service, elimination of loyalty discounts,
And objectionable politics (a huge GOP contributor).

Are they curious why a customer of 25 years left?
Nope. Didn't object. Didn't even ask why.
Perhaps they're happy I'm gone--risky policy...
In a risky state, reprobate who doesn't own a car.
Or maybe there simply is no ROI for customer retention.

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I'm really beginning to wonder about AllState... their rates just seem to keep going up, up, up... We took an old car we were no longer driving off of our auto insurance, and the monthly rate basically stayed the same. I think it saved us something like $3 a month! Wow!

Insurance is a must, but man, it sure seems like a racket.
Insurance IS a racket. Kvatch, your account probably wasn't big enough for them to be concerned about, perhaps.
I switched from State Farm to All State and the price went down on my insurance.

I now have questions about my homes. I know this is another subject, but on one of my homes the policy went up. I am now looking for another insurance for both my automobiles and my homes.
Oh it's a racket all right. And nobody cares about the customer anymore. No such thing as customer service.
Snave... AllState wasn't even an option for me. They've stopped writing home owners policies in California.

Undeniable Liberal... No doubt, but over 25 years I've probably spent...what... $40,000? And presumably if they hadn't worked so hard to piss me off I'd have spent another $40,000, at least. Easy money for them. Really, I only got pissed after I got to CA, before that State Farm had been great.
Let's Talk... Sounds like a shell game to me. So let me ask you...do you think that they're colluding on rates? I obtained bunches and the biggies all came in within 5% of each other.

Mary... From my perspective one's individual agent seems to make a huge difference, but as I said once I got to CA, they all sucked.
The little Lizard takes care of my car, and that's all I need...
I'm with State Farm, and I have my qualms about contributing to a GOP contributor. I'm wondering who you switched to.
I know I'm going to be the poopie in the punch bowl here. We have our home insured with State Farm and for a long time our rental house too (we sold it this past April). After both houses being hit by three hurricanes, they were just as helpful as could be and I have not one complaint about them at all. Sorry, now I'll scoop myself out of the punch bowl and run along. :)
Fred... Geico? I might go with Progressive if I get another motorcycle.

Nvisiblewmn... Let me be clear. All major insurers are contributors to the GOP. It's merely a matter of degree. State Farm, at least in 2004, gave almost all of their contributions to the GOP. I switched to Farmers mostly because of I found a very helpful agent and they're somewhat better than State Farm politics-wise--though not perfect.

PoP... Like I said. I never had any complaints about State Farm until I moved to California, and then it was nothing but trouble.
We've had our house and cars with Allstate for years and our rates remain lower than we can get elsewhere. I've checked others. Actually State Farm was the highest quotes I've seen. I've mentioned this to others and some of them that have State Farm are paying ludicrous rates, my mother included- yet she won't switch.
the gecko got me and i'm happy with their deal. as for loyalty, it's so disheartening when a company could care less about your leaving after such a longtime committment to them. fk'em. insurance companies have no loyalty in the end... it's about the mighty dolla. i wouldn't be suprised if sometime in the next two years you receive a solicitation from them in some way about coming back.
I wish we could switch from State Farm cuz their rates are among the highest for auto/home/mantoys. But they remain the only reasonable ones who'll give our discontinued biz the kind of coverage we need (due to 10-yr CA construction lawsuit liability). The catch? It's only reasonable if they write ALL our insurance. Now have to say, we have an excellent local SF agent, but the minute they drop our biz coverage (which we expect every renewal as the CA lawsuits keep on coming for 10-yrs), we will have no incentive to keep all our other high-price policies with them.

ps, we've also been long-time (at least 25-yrs) state farm home/auto customers, but business is business. Farmers was the first insurance that dropped us & all construction-related business ins once they realized the 10-yr liability factor.

PoP, our state farm agent is always touting how responsive they are after disasters (wildfires for us, hurricanes for you), so it's good to hear that's not all hot air. It is the main reason I would be sorry to have to switch & maybe why Chuck's mamma is loyal. ~~ D.K.
If they didn't have customer service while you were paying them, why now? Insurance companies are extortionists.
The following is the complete list of all the insurance companies i like and trust:

{end of list}
I didn't realize State Farm was a big Repub contributor but I recently left after many years and had the same treatment, it was like they didn't care one bit and I'd been with them for twenty years!
Chuck... For me, it wasn't the rates. All the companies I checked were within few percentage points. It was the policies.

RAFFI... I doubt State Farm will ever contact me again. They probably have no clue how much money they made off of me over the years.
D.K... I know that a lot of insurers are abandoning CA because of the potential for fire. Seems to me that if they want to be in the insurance business, they should be required to insure...not cherry pick. Of course, if no_slappz is reading this he'll no doubt take me to task...at length. ;-)

Peachchick... State Farm's customer service didn't really start sucking until we moved out here.
TomCat... You forgot the list...oh...wait...

Tree... Second largest contributor to the GOP from the industry. I couldn't remember who was first.
Do they have Farm Bureau out there? Best company I've ever had the pleasure to deal with.

I had an accident back in '92, and as punishment, they took away my "good driver discount". For three months.

Oh yeah - and great to see ya back again, froggy! =)

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