As The Tinfoil Hat Spins...

...for when you average garden-variety conspiracy theory just won't do.

A new executive order effectively gives George Bush the dictatorial power to seize the assets of anyone who opposes his administration's policies on Iraq. Now that by itself is pretty scary stuff, but never let it be said that your author doesn't know a good conspiracy theory when he stumbles across one.

Read these headlines and see if, in light of Bu$hCo's latest power grab, you don't agree:

Pentagon seeks $1.2B for armored vehicle

Obama, Clinton Have $30 Million-Plus

Pentagon Aide Says Clinton Helps Enemy

What did I tell you.

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My tin foil hat is getting pretty warm...
*Public policy hat: On*

"(i) to have committed, or to pose a significant risk of committing, an act or acts of violence that have the purpose or effect of... threatening the peace or stability of Iraq ...or undermining efforts to promote economic reconstruction and political reform..."

So you don't even have to commit an act of violence or conspire to commit violence. All George & Dick have to do is decide that merely speaking in opposition to their Iraq policies constitutes "risk."

Then it's off on your all-expenses-paid vacation to an ex-Stasi prison in Poland.
Having read your post and the E.O., I did my own post, giving you proper credit.

All that is left to say is "be afraid, be very afraid."
Lynn... I know what you mean. I'm thinking we may need some sort of cooling system for those overheated protectors. [sigh]

Mr_Blog... Actually it seemed in the attached article that it didn't even need to be an act of violence. Any act in opposition to the administration's policies would suffice.

Dave... Thanks, and yes indeed! Though I make light of it. We're in very deep yogurt here.
Then there's the news that tomorrow, Bush will transfer his power to Cheney while he has a colonoscopy. Sure, it's only for two and a half hours, but 9/11 took place in less time.
It may be time to start hiding your money in your mattress.

BTW, Billo's book is for sale on your Google AdSense! AAAHHH!
Hey Lew...let's look on the bright side. They don't call him "Vice President Coronary," without a reason, and if he cacks Pelosi becomes President.

Lizzy... My mattress already has FBI approved malware installed in it. As for the ad...oh that I had control over the what showed up there!
Jeez, guys, get with the program. What you need is an aluminum foil hat. It's probably what you have anyway, I don't think I've actually ever seen tinfoil in the store. The high conductance of aluminum forms a Faraday cage around the head, protecting from those nasty electromagnetic waves.

In related news Bush declares that he has the authority to order the US Attorney for the District of Columbia not to act against any executive officials should they be charged with, say, contempt of congress. Ironically this all stems from him trying to block an investigation into White House interference with the Justice Department.
Sigh! Back during the Cuban Crisis the Horde at large did the hidey-hole shelter bit in the hill country at one member's ranch. Nice dry cave, well concealed, not too many cave crickets, great storage in secondary rooms. Not even the illegal aliens cutting through back country on the way to San Antonio ever stumbled on it (and those enterprising survivalists could find ANYTHING we gringos hid up there).
Maybe it's time the Horde reconvened and head for the hills again. Not to hide from nukes but to hide from our own government. It is getting scary out there, Folks.

Off subject: Dear Green Frog; you are now officially categorized properly. Sincerely, WA
I could be wrong, but doesn't that executive order give them the power to seize hedge funds who unknowingly have ties to such organizations that are "purported" to be assisting in destabilizing Iraq?

I mean, hell, they could probably seize people's 401ks. Who knows whats in those things?!

Just strait up weird.
Don't this really mean they have to seize all their own assets. Iraq was pretty stable before we invaded, if you know what I mean.
Actually it seemed in the attached article that it didn't even need to be an act of violence. Any act in opposition to the administration's policies would suffice

That's why you need to read an edict like this, in order to understand it and anticipate the possible spin.

If more people make a stink about it, Tony Slow will probably go before the cameras and say the order only targets violent opposition.

But he could ignore the part about how they'll be defining "risk." Not to mention how they will define "opposition."

Online Polish-English Translation

"Please do not waterboard me" is "Sprawiać przyjemność robi nie woda wsiadają na mnie" in Polish.
SadButTrue... Bush's utterings on the contempt issue are nonsense. The Justice Department is specifically empowered by the Constitution to prosecute Contempt of Congress charges. If Bush tried to order them to do otherwise, I think he'd quickly find himself in the position that Nixon was in just after he fired Archibald Cox.

Now...if the DoJ refuses on it's own or stonewalls the prosecution...

Worried... Scary indeed. Even the 'Thuglicans are talking about Bush overstepping his authority.
Praguetwin... Indeed it probably would, and since I've some small experience with Hedge Funds (writing analysis software) I know first hand, they often don't have a clue what all they're invested in.

As for 401K's...aren't those protected by securities and exchange law? Not sure the government could go after them, unless Bu$hCo wants a public court battle.

Ron... Good point! :-) :-) :-)

Mr_Blog... You know those translators are really useful, aren't they. Always wanted to know how to plead in Polish.
REX-84/KBR/FEMA round-ups are still in the distant future, aren't they? Aren't they???

Since "impeachment is off the table", I hope that when the bush/cheney regime is criminally prosecuted when (IF) they leave.

We are currently at this nation's lowest point...so far.
Hey buddy-

I linked to this, btw, because it coincides with my entry about these "executive orders" by the power drunk little madman.
scary dude.
Kvatch, good find. I've see the story and looked for an analysis from a credible sourse, but all the reference I found when I Googled it came from places that cater to the wing-nut crowd. I wish I'd found Raw Story's piece. Good job!!
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Graeme, Chuck... Very low indeed! Pelosi needs to get her coalition in line and get impeachment back on the table.

And...hey...thanks for the link. I'll pop over after this afternoons drinking with the Bay Area Bloggers.

TomCat... RawStory suits my short attention span better than all that MSM bullsh*t! ;-)
to any feds reading this: this is NOT a threat!
this is simply an observation of our times.

Robert Kennedy died before he could be elected.

Bush got selected/stole elections at least twice and has gone on to do THIS among many, many other crimes and no one has assassinated him.

crazy world.
Bush got selected/stole elections at least twice and has gone on to do THIS among many, many other crimes and no one has assassinated him.

Bush doesn't piss off the powerful.

Just saying.

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