All Star Censure

Tonight Major League Baseball winds up it's annual three day tribute to itself with the All-Star Game here in San Francisco.

Now I am not a baseball fan, but even I recognize the significance of the event. There is a chance, a small one, that Barry Bonds will break Hank Aaron's home run record, and even if it doesn't happen tonight it's bound to happen in the next few weeks. The problem is that a Bonds record will forever be a sham because of his performance enhancing drug use. Major League Baseball knows it--they're constantly spinning the scenarios, doing damage control before the record is even broken. Bonds knows it--he's facing angry fans at just about every ballpark he enters, probably why he sat out the Home Run Derby last night. And the fans really, really know it. They're putting up banners, waving signs, booing Bonds...so much so that MLB has taken to keeping unruly fans out of the parks.

So this is what our 'national pastime' has come to, a corporation beyond the law using its authority to keep their fans from calling a spade a spade. Maybe it's time we gave NASCAR the 'national pastime' designation?

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Maybe it's time we gave NASCAR the 'national pastime' designation?
Is that really prudent in these times of peak oil and global warming? Sure, there's nothing more American than wanton wastefulness and needless pollution, but drugs are an important part of the American identity as well, from the pothead to the Xanax head, Americans are more doped up now than ever before.
I've told my wife this, but never expressed it in public until now.

I would applaud the pitcher who beaned Bonds smack in the head and knocked him out of baseball. In fact, that pitcher would be a hero to me, and I think baseball would owe him a debt of gratitude.

There is some stuff you don't mess with. The homerun record is such a milestone for those who really care about the game that having Bonds be the new leader is simply unacceptable. We know he's a cheater.

It may sound harsh, but I would be positively thrilled if some pitcher put an end to the charade and knocked him out of the game.
Lew... You're right, of course, and I wasn't thinking when I suggested NASCAR. OK...how about "lawyer shootin'". I mean, it's good enough for Cheney right?

BHFRIK... If we could do it without making Bonds end up like Muhammad Ali then OK...I'm on board. It's pretty sad that Aaron will almost certainly be overtaken by Bonds.
I think we should make wrestling our national pastime. That way we could all take steroids and murder our wives and children!
I thought America's national pastime was invasion and occupation.

Oh, sorry, that's Dick and George's pastime. Are they American?
Neil... You know, that's a really good point. I mean what is America all about anyway? Entertainment, that's what! And no...uh...sport personifies that more effectively than wrestling. (Of course I mean the professional variety ;-).)

Daniel... No, no. That's just right now. Pretty soon it'll be 'cutting and running'.
I wonder if Bonds and Bush are cousins.
Bonds breaking the record will only be a blip. In another 10 years, Alex Rodriguez will smack it down sans steroids.

I watched the first 4 innings AND the Home Run Derby. It really is sicko how much advertising there is Every Where.

I love pro sports, but it doesn't mean the over-reliance on sponsorships doesn't gag the hell outta me all the freakin' time. Just means I usually have a book/mag in my lap and the mute button handy for commercial breaks.
Nascar ?????oh please.....NOooooooooo.....how about hmmmmm, bowling? no ? okay....tidlly winks ? ......
WHAT?....I am at a loss....but I just know that somewhere along the way sports have been ruined by Commercials, and MONEY and more Commercials.....

I miss the old days when the players were not well paid....It was just a Game...A real game...and the players really were a team...you know what I mean???
TomCat... I don't see the resemblence. :-)

Michael... I'm glad you mentioned that point about Rodriguez. Makes me feel a bit better about the whole thing. Though, I have to say that having me make observations about baseball is a little like having Katie Couric try her hand at serious news...oh...wait...

Enigma... No, don't really know what you mean. Are you saying that there was a time when people played together as a...what did you call it (?)...team? ;-)

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