Bush To Travel In 'Cone of Silence'

Sidney (f-A-ke. P.) -

The White House Office of Criticism Deflection announced today that during his September visit to Australia President Bush will travel in the 'Cone of Silence', a moving football field-sized area where no discussions critical of Bush, his presidency, or God's country, The United States of America, can take place.

A technological marvel, the 'Cone of Silence' was developed by NSA in the early days on the War on Terror and was first deployed at the APEC summit in Pusan, South Korea, in 2005. Future Presidential trips may include another innovation, the 'Cloak of Invisibility', designed to shield administration officials from having to view protesters or the activities of other types of low-life rabble rousers.


I'm just wondering how they're able to make this thing work with his "Sphere of Stupidity". I mean, does it work in conjunction with the sphere or did they have to modify the cone to fit the sphere?

First comment ! Woohooo!
I was wondering if this "Cone of Silence" works in conjunction with the cone that Lithium Laura straps around his neck so he'll stop licking himself... hmmm?
PT... I think that you're confusing the principals here.

The 'Sphere of Stupidity' (sometimes referred to at the 'Bubble of Cluelessness') is actually a field that emanates from Bush himself, projecting out in all directions.

Since the Cone of Silence is technological in nature, it merely intersects the Sphere of Stupidity producing what are often called 'Areas of Silent Stupidity' (ASS for short).

Does that clarify things? ;-)

Tina... That's a totally different cone. :-)
The Cone. Does it have ice cream in it? Is he naked in there eating ice cream or what? He knows he is hated.
Wait, we could put him in a cone of silence? Why didn't we do this years ago?!!
Thanks for clearing that up, Froggy. I always had trouble in science class.

I believe (and the amphibian will correct me if I'm wrong) that the cone of silence only shields him from the rest of the world, not the other way around.
I suppose Bush bashing has its rewards. But another presidential election is coming. Bush will not appear on the ticket.

With Hillary the presumptive Democratic nominee, how do people here expect to beat the Republican candidate, whomever he is?
I thought it was a joke. I should've known better.

He is hated wherever he goes on this planet. Understandable. Unfortunate that the citizens of this once great country are hated whenever they travel abroad as well. Our students having to hide (and LIE about) their identity as U.S. citizens. Sickening. Piss right on bush and his criminal empire.

Oh well. I rented a good movie to watch tonight after the "LOST" recap.
I suppose Bush bashing has its rewards.

Indeed. So does providing a little satire that my readers will enjoy. You, of course, get your pleausre from Blognonymous in other ways.

...how do people here expect to beat the Republican candidate, whomever he is?

That would be a question for your own blog, no_slappz. You have a blog, I presume.
Peacechick... No ice cream for the Kowboy Koward!

Fashiongirl... I think PT's right. If we could get a reverse cone-o-silence, that really would be something!


Our students having to hide (and LIE about) their identity as U.S. citizens.

Our new RFID enabled passports will make that impossible.
How do I get one of those? I am tired of people at work saying that I have a bad attitude or that I am mean and impatient.
I had a look at the dynamics of this cone and I'm sure it is now possible for George to dissapear up his own arse!
Scott... You can't! That's super-secret, classified technology developed to thwart evil-doers. Yer not one them t'rrorists are ya boy?

Cartledge... Better hope Bush doesn't pull that disappearing trick while he's in Australia. Cheney will probably take it as a signal to declare war!
Why would Bush need anything technological for his "cone of silence"? Aren't his ears already plugged with his own BS?
Tomcat has a point there! However, the eyes are a different story. Clear the field, the president doesn't want to see your protest and he especially has traumatic memories of eggs thrown at his limo.
Bush lives in a "cone of corruption" anyway so whats one more cone to hide behind.
Tomcat... While it is true that Bush's ears are plugged, the Cone of Silence was developed through a sole-source, no-bid contract for 2 Gazillion dollars that was given to Halliburton.

Liberality... Welcome to Blognonymous. I think that Bush doesn't see protesters, even when they're right in front of him.

Larry... Like the 'Bubble of Cluelessness', the Cone of Corruption emanates from the man himself.
I think Cheney has already perfected the Cloak of Invisibility. He only comes out of hiding when he the administration needs him to run around doing his best "Chicken Little" impersonation. The rest of the time he is supposedly in a "secure, undisclosed location"... although I think he is wearing a Cloak of Invisibility and hanging out near Bush, so when Cheney speaks, Bush will think it is the voice of God.
That splains it Kvatch!
Sewmouse... :-) LOL!

Snave... Cheney actually wears the 'Cloak of Impenetrable Arrogance'.

TomCat... Glad I could help. ;-)

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