BlognonyBITS - Fire The Miserable Bushtool

Wolfowitz refuses to resign, wants a face-saving deal.
Says he's gonna force the World Bank board to vote.
Joan Walsh pretty much sums it up for me...Good!

Fire Bush's miserable tool--kick him to the curb!
When you secure a $50,000 raise for your girlfriend,
Your talents should be put to better use...like on K Street.

Updated 2007/05/17, 7:58 PM:

Lizzy of OCD GenX Liberal lets us know that the only reason Wolfowitz resigned, but is staying on until June 30th, is so he can collect a $400K payout. Which begs the question: Why doesn't the World Bank just say, "Thanks Paul but...you're still fired. Just clean out your desk before these nice men show you to the door."?


Wolfowitz has resigned, effective June 30.

Ding dong, the wolf is dead....no doubt he will find some nice cush job earning dollars off the war he started.
Suzie-q, WS... Well so much for that. :-)

Guess I should have checked the news before I went ahead with this post.
Don't worry Frog, the next headline is going to be about that ungrateful shrew of a girlfriend dumping his ass.
so much for the wolf's wits... he's clueless and a puppet to the w puppet.
You know why he's resigning June 30? Because if he stays through June, he gets a $400,000 bonus.

Nice, huh.
Aaaah, the life of a corprocrat, mistresses on your payroll, golden parachutes, who wouldn't revel in that level of corruption?
Fashiongirl... Won't that be cool--gonna go an find another neo-con to latch onto.

RAFFI... A puppet of a puttet of a pretty bad situation to be in. The question I have is which one has their hand up which one's ass?
Lizzy... You're not serious?! $400K? Back to what I said before: Fire his sorry ass!

Lew... You said it. Do you think that the WB could just come back and say, "Sorry. No thanks. Please clean out your desk before these nice men show you to the door."
Now Bush needs to fire Gonzo.
Well that sure proves corruption doesn't pay. What a role mode.

I wonder when he will get his medal?
Praguetwin... About a day ago I was looking a picture of Gonzales and wondering the exact thing. With Bush's record of handing Medals of Freedom to everyone and their brother. Wolfowitz, Gonzales, hell even McNulty should probably get one.

Larry... With reference to the above comment, do you think Gonzo will get his medal before or after he's handed his hat?
Paul's staying on until June 30, because for him to leave now would throw the World Bank into chaos. I mean, look how bad Iraq got when he left the DoD!
There's this disease called CEO disease, which makes businesses sick: the primary symptom is the Golden Parachute. OF COURSE HE'S STAYING TO COLLECT HIS $400K. THE WORLD BANK IS SICK.

Meanwhile, I'm out $350 per month in co-pay for perscriptions. Where the fuck is MY $400K?
Well, $400K or not, at least Wolfowitz will be gone. I suppose he will now write a book that will be read by very few people, and try and hire himself out to places like the Federalist Society, GOP think tanks, etc., or do speaking engagements. What a tool. It is sad that he will never be hurting for money, and that he will never have to acquire first-hand experience of the chaos he helped create in Iraq.
For my Sunday...'When Worlds Collide' I set him up real good and his little Skeezer too! Geez...the $400 thou really chaps my ass.
Tafka PB... You know, I never thought of it that way! :-\

Diva... I'd be OK if Wolfowitz' golden parachute crushed him.
Snave... Oh I'm sure that Wolfie will be fixture at the think tanks and on the lecture circuit, but before we break our hands patting ourselves on the back, just imagine who might replace him. I hear Rumsfelds plotting his return to public service.

Sumo... Yeah! Where does a public servant come off getting that kind of fat cash?

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